Wednesday, December 6, 2023

TSAF adds 3 thoroughbred at Jamshedpur Riding School

Jamshedpur, Oct 15: The equestrian facility provided by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) at the Horse Riding School, Jamshedpur has scaled a new height with the receipt of 3 new thoroughbreds from Kolkata.

These horses have tremendous pedigree, and are yet another feather in the cap of our fully fledged riding school.
The total number of horses at Jamshedpur Riding School has increased to 7, thereby providing all residents of Jamshedpur an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of horse riding.

The physical and mental rewards of horseback riding cannot be emphasized enough. Apart from building balance, coordination and stability horse riding is known to work and strengthen the core muscles that stabilize the trunk of a human body. Additionally horse riding is also a very relaxing and calming experience.

There is a confidence that comes from learning how to handle and interact with this huge animal, which has prompted many parents to encourage their children to get onto a horse.

Residents of Jamshedpur are most welcome to visit the Jamshedpur Riding School to see the new additions to our stables, and to take advantage of the opportunity to learn or further your skills for horse riding.

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