Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tech-Ex Jamshedpur showcases Innovation and Creativity


Jamshedpur, March 4: The trainees showcased their technical prowess at a vibrant exhibition, impressing visitors with their innovative ideas and creative solutions during Tech-Ex 2023, 13th SNTI Technical Exhibition, organised on the occasion of 184th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Founder J N Tata.

The event, held at SNTI attracted a diverse audience of industry experts, stakeholders and curious onlookers who were keen to see what the trainees had to offer.

Participants were from diverse location including Tata Metaliks, Hoogly Met Coke, Jamipol, BIT Sindri, BIT Mesra etc. 

The exhibition featured a wide range of technical projects, spanning various fields and demonstrated the trainees’ expertise and skill in each area. Some of the standout exhibits included: AI based dimension measurement of hot stock billet, Robotic setup for thickness measurement, Gear wear analysis using image processing, Wireless EV charging using renewable energy source, DIGIYAAN- Real time bus tracking system, Automatic detection of PPE, The blaze eradicator, Health monitoring of hydraulic cylinder.

Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the trainees, ask questions, and gain insights into their projects. Many commented on the high quality of the exhibits and the level of professionalism demonstrated by the trainees. Some visitors even expressed interest in collaborating with the trainees on future projects.

The exhibition was the culmination of several months of hard work and dedication by the trainees, who received guidance and support from their mentors. The event provided a platform for the trainees to showcase their skills and potential to a wider audience and gave them valuable experience in presenting and communicating their work.

Overall, the trainee-led technical exhibition was a resounding success, demonstrating the talent and creativity of the next generation of technical experts. It was a testament to the value of investing in training and development programs and highlighted the important role that trainees can play in driving innovation and progress in their respective fields.

A total of 59 projects are on display out of which 41 are prepared by the cadre trainees of Tata Steel. The exhibition was inaugurated on Friday by Noel N Tata, Vice Chairman Tata Steel and will be available for all to visit till tomorrow.

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