Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Tata Motors Jamshedpur bonus pact likely on Sept 17

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Jamshedpur, September 14: Bonus talks have started in Tata Motors between the management and the union. The bonus agreement is expected to be finalized soon.

On Wednesday, there was a meeting between the management and the union for about two hours regarding the bonus.

Bonus settlement is likely to take place on September 17. Tata Motors Workers Union president Gurmeet Singh and general Secretary RK Singh say that in the bonus talks, the union is placing demands before the management for better bonus and permanent settlement in the interest of the workers.

Every year By-six employees are made permanent. Tata Motors Jamshedpur is the only company in the country which gives the gift of  regularisation to many of its By-Six employees every year. The union is trying to make as many by-sixes as possible permanent.

At present there are approximately 3,700 By-six, who are working in the temporary pool in the company. When the production in the company increases, they are called on duty and when the production decreases, they are made to sit.

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