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Jamshedpur Women’s University observes Hindi Diwas

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Jamshedpur, September 14: Hindi Day celebrations at Jamshedpur Women’s University  (JWU) were celebrated despite the busy examination schedules.

Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Anjila Gupta, while congratulating on Hindi Day in her presidential address, said that Hindi is melodious, unique, melodious, widespread and the language of the masses.

She said that it is unfortunate for our country that Macaulay tried to eliminate the Hindi language and made English compulsory in education. Giving the example of National Education Policy 2020, he explained in detail the usefulness of Hindi for nationalism and overall development. He said that Hindi is taught as a complete language and subject in many other universities of America and abroad.

She said that  Sanskrit is considered the most scientific language, which is Hindi in simple form. Indian scientists and many other institutions like IIT Kanpur have also adopted Hindi.

Main speaker Ragini Bhushan underlined the importance of Hindi while explaining the basic elements of the language. By combining letters, words are formed, words form syntax and then language. Hindi is a complete language with disciplined vocabulary and phraseology.

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