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Sport climbing catches fancy of youths at JRD Tata sports complex


Jamshedpur : The craze for sport climbing is reaching new heights in the Steel City as more number of school children has enrolled in the Sport Climbing facility at JRD Tata sports complex to hone their skills.

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation has installed the facility of climbing at its premises in JRD Tata sports complex. The foundation recently also organised a summer camp for the children.

“Several rural children from outside Jamshedpur are learning the ropes. Some have also represented Jharkhand in national competitions,” a TSAF official said.

TSAF also organised Jamshedpur Sports Climbing Championship recently. A total of 60 children from schools across Jamshedpur participated in the contest. Parents were present to cheer up their children.

The foundation provides equipment and trainers and safety measures. �We guide those who want to excel in sport climbing,� said an official, adding that participants could wear tees, shorts, and sports shoes for the exercise.

Hemant Gupta, an official of TSAF said that Jamshedpur is one of the few cities in India to boast a sport climbing facility. Besides courage and strength, the sport requires foresight, planning, determination and skill. It provides both fun and adventure to people of all ages. It is great for stimulating children�s creativity and will provide them with a unique learning experience.

The official informed that it is a form of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the wall. From a very young age, children climb on chairs, up trees, up staircases, up and down hills, on table etc.

In short, anything may provide a pretext for climbing because it is an activity that stimulates children�s creativity. It also contributes to their development in terms of understanding about their bodies and it is always of interest to them because of its infinite variety and the possibilities it offers to their imagination.

Established in 1984, TSAF was established to promote adventure sports and activities among all walks of life. The objective of TSAF is to imbibe the spirit of adventure through the wonders of adventure sports, thereby developing a healthy rapport with environment and nature.

The foundation, established by Tata Steel gives importance to maintaining a positive attitude in life and helps participants cultivate it through a multidisciplinary approach along with a wide range of activities.

Designed for all age groups, the foundation has special programmes for children, youth, corporate employees and senior citizens.

It has evolved the concept of utilizing benefits of adventure in everyday life to perfection and aids and encourages many forms of the sports like mountain trekking, parasailing and river rafting.

In an effort to extend the benefits to the business world, TSAF has also incorporated the needs of corporate management, particularly team building.

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