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Shakuntala to be provided proper upbringing as other children: Jamshedpur DC

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Jamshedpur, May 16: Taking cognizance of a news published in newspapers about an orphan, Shakuntala Sabar of Musabani block, East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner, Vijaya Jadhav met the girl in her office on Monday and enquired about her well being.

It may be mentioned that both parents of the eight year old Shakuntala Sabar, a resident of Sohda Mines, Musabani, died and she was presently staying with her uncle who himself was financially weak due to which he was finding it difficult to take proper care of the orphaned Shakuntala Sabar. After learning of Shakuntala’s predicament through newspaper reports, The DC directed the Musabani BDO, District Education Officercoming to the notice of the whole matter through the newspaper, the District Deputy Commissioner had directed the Block Development Officer Musabani, District Education Officer and District Child Protection Department Officer to take immediate steps to ensure the eight year old girl’s needs and also expressed her desire to meet the girl.

DC Vijaya Jadhav met Shakuntala Sabar in her office on Monday and enquired about her wellbeing. The DC treated Shakuntala affectionately and stated on the occasion that the news of Shakuntala being orphaned at a tender age was moving. Vijaya Jadhav stated that it was the responsibility of the district administration to rehabilitate the girl and make proper arrangements for her accommodation and education of Shakuntala to ensure that she grew up in the manner of other children. “Shakuntala should not miss out on proper upbringing and should be provided all necessities as those of other children,” the Deputy Commissioner observed.

 It was on the initiative of DC Vijaya Jadhav that Shakuntala Sabar has been enrolled in Netaji Bose Residential School at Golmuri. She gave books, toffees, health drinks and other snack items, sports equipment to Shakuntala Sabar. The DC assured, “Shakuntala’s educational and other basic requirements will be taken care of. She will be provided with all requirements to grow and move forward in life just like other children of her age.”

the Deputy Commissioner also met Somwari Sabar and inquired about her wellbeing and whether she was facing any problem in school. Vijaya Jadhav enquired about Somwari from the District Child Protection Officer. She encouraged Somwari to study diligently and enjoy life.

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