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Need to create a scientific culture of excellence in schools: Dr. Arvind

Jamshedpur, Feb. 27: The Jharkhand Chapter of the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) jointly with CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur celebrated the National Science Day on Monday, February 27 with great pomp and show.

In addition to NML Scientific and technical staff more than 350 students from Jamshedpur based institutions eminent like � Jamshedpur Women�s College, Karim City College and The Graduate College participated in the programme. More than 50 teachers / principals from different schools in and around Jamshedpur city also attended as invitees.

While welcoming the gathering CSIR-NML Director, Dr. I. Chattoraj said, �It is great to have assembled here to pay tribute to one of India�s outstanding Scientist Sir Chandrashekhar Venkataraman whose announcement of the Raman Effect is what we today celebrate as Science Day.

Much before C.V Raman India was a cradle of science�. However, since Independence, the impact on Global Science has been negligible. He added �On this day of the discovery of the Raman Effect, it is time to introspect what is going wrong�. Dr. Chattoraj stressed upon the fact the now we should start thinking differently. We should learn to �Question the Answers� and should learn to enjoy what we do.

While delivering the welcome address by the Chairman Jharkhand Chapter of NASI, Dr. Arvind Sinha said, You may be aware that India celebrates Science Day on February 28th every year, to commemorate the announcement of the discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman for which he was Awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930. Although several Indians have since won the Nobel Prize in Science, these were for work carried abroad and is not credited to India. Given the rich pool of human resources in India and our illustrious heritage and legacy in Science and Technology, Achieving scientific excellence and leadership in the immediate future would be possible if we can create a scientific culture of excellence in the school around the city and ignite the passion of several young minds to pursue Science. For this, we are going to give away two Best teacher Awards for two city based teachers � �Ms. Sahana and Ms. K. Jaishree�.

The Chief Guest, Prof. U.C. Srivastava from Allahabad University and Secretary NASI Allahabad delivered a popular lecture on �Healthy Living�. The talk encompassed a detail on the healthy foods and ideal lifestyle. Today we are facing health related problem as because we are not aware of the recommended diet.

He talked about the adverse effect of junk foods, tobacco, alcohol, insufficient sleep. Dr. Srivastava presented the list of seasonal fruits and vegetables and their usefulness in maintaining good health.

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