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Man dies during treatment at MGM, family allege carelessness

Jamshedpur, Nov 17: After Rajan Prasad, a resident of Pardudih died during treatment at MGM hospital his family members and relatives created rampage at the hospital on Sunday morning. The patient died on Saturday night.

The man who was succumbed to his illness was Rajan Prasad (36), a resident of Golpahadi locality in Parsudih, and was working under a local construction company.

The agitated people who hailed from Parsudih locality of the city not only refused to take the body but also attempted to attack surgeon LB Tuddu whom they held responsible for the death of the patient.

As a result of the situation which cropped up at 9 am today, all the doctors including the surgeon Tuddu made themselves underground, causing other patients to suffer due to absence of the doctors. The situation was brought under control after the hospital administration informed the police.

After about five hour-long ruckus at the medical college and hospital, the deceased’s family members had received the body from the hospital. The protestors were demanding the administration to arrest the surgeon Tuddu and take stern action against him to do the wrong diagnosis.

One of the protestors, Raju Prasad said that late last evening the deceased had started complaining of pain in the chest also in the lower abdomen.

“We had immediately rushed him to the MGM Medical College Hospital and got the patient admitted by 8.30 pm on Saturday. Rajan died of the illness at 8.40 pm, soon after he was administered an injection by the doctror.

As it was a surgical case in the testicle, we were taken aback when the patient’s condition deteriorated fast and he ultimately died in the next 10 minutes of his admission,” Raju said.

He pointed out they were of the opinion that the surgeon Tuddu had given the patient wrong injection, and therefore the administration should take action against him.

“We were demanding the arrest of Tuddu for wrong treatment. And unless the police do not arrest the surgeon, we will receive the body only after the administration get a case registered against him,” said Raju.

RY Chowdhury, superintdent of the MGMMCH said that he had tried to convince the angry relatives last night as well as this morning also that the death was not due to the wrong treatment, but rather due to the severe illness.

“The patient had suffered a myocardial infarcation, which is a serious heart ailment, and he died of this disease only,” said Chowdhury while talking.

He said as the desperados were set upon to assault the surgeon, Tuddu, in absence of the latters, they had started humiliating other doctors, creating a chaotic situation at the medical college hospital,” said the superintendent. He, however, claimed that all the doctors were present at the hospital, but they had hid themselves in the wards in
fear of unwanted confrontation with the protestors.

The protestors, several of them were drunk, had searched from ward to ward for the surgeon Tuddu. As some of the prortestors had also called upon to assault any doctor that come across them, the doctor fraternity had scurried for the cover.

Deputy superintendent of police (Law and Order) Kanhaiya Upadhaya who had swung into action said “there was a confusion among the relatives and family members of the decased due to the sudden death.

But after thorough convincing them this afternoon they agreed to take the body,” The DSP had pressed as many as 30 Rapid Action Force jawans when the protestors were on a rampage.

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