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Kolhan Region observes Yoga Day with motive to keep COVID at bay

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Jamshedpur, June 21: The International Day of Yoga is being celebrated since June 21, 2015 following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice with its origin in India.

The yoga practice has caught on with time and the benefits of this practice are being reaped by satisfied individuals worldwide. As in other places, individuals and social, cultural and political organizations as well as trainees of various yoga institutes participated with panache and performed several yoga asanas on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.

Ulliyan resident Sudip now running his own Yoga Institute in Singapore observed over telephone, “For me and my students, every day is Yoga Day. I have been in Singapore for quite some years now and the status now is such that I cannot accommodate the eager people due to paucity of time. I am conducting my classes that started with just three students, in four batches now with Sunday as a day of break. The basic thing about Yoga is that it trains the mind to concentrate and this leads to self assurance, belief and a positive outlook. It regulates the physical system and the immunity is boosted. If practiced regularly, major diseases and infections can be kept away among which COVID is included.”

Housewife Swati Rauth of New Baridih, who has knee joint problems said that yoga had helped her tremendously. She said, “Not only has my knee ailment reduced but I have also been able to reduce the waistline and cut out excess fat. My food habits include lots of fibrous food and leafy vegetables. Yes, I have availed of both COVID doses but my yoga exercises are additional shields against the viral infection. I feel fit and fine always.”

Sumit Mahapatra of Adityapur is a yoga fanatic and an avid photographer to boot. Barely touching 20 years of age, Sumit shared, “I do other exercises too but my day begins with me and my parents performing yoga asanas. This one hour every day has become more of an addiction for us. Everybody should perform yoga and enjoy it. The difference can be felt as attitude towards all aspects of daily living change for the better and health gains a fitness that other exercises can only supplement.”

Chaibasa too has yoga enthusiasts and on Monday, serious practitioners of this form of exercise along with their casual counterparts celebrated with gusto the International day of Yoga. Sunil Tigga, a promising footballer was quick in answering to a prod. He replied, “Well, it helps build stamina and gives me mental agility. Yoga is an important routine for me. The exercises have developed my power of concentration and that helps me in my game as well as in my studies. My advice is that people should do yoga at least for 15 minutes a day and gradually extend the time. The person will feel the difference. The world has discovered the allround benefits of Yoga and that is why it is celebrated internationally today.”

Madan Kumar Singh of Kitadih who is as fit as a youngster in his 65 plus years summed up the day with his observation, “To me, International day of Yoga is everyday. Do it and stay mentally and physically fit. No infection can touch you. No illness can curb your zest for positive living.”

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