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Jubilee Park: Jewel in the Crown of Jamshedpur


Let this be a Park and not a vehicular corridor 

By AK Srivastava

Jamshedpur, Sept 18: Jubilee Park, located at the heart of Jamshedpur, was a gift to the citizens of Jamshedpur on the Golden Jubilee celebration of Tata Steel. It was inaugurated and opened to the citizens by the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1958 and was a momentous occasion especially with the Indian Prime Minister coming down to Jamshedpur and gifting this beautiful green cover to the citizens of Jamshedpur. Brindavan Gardens of Mysore was the inspiration behind the conceptualization and development of Jubilee Park. Spread over an area of around 500 acres, the Park houses Mughal Garden, Fountain with Lights, Varieties of Flowers and Medicinal Garden, Rose Garden, Children’s Park, walking track, Jayanti Sarovar, Zoological Park, Nicco Amusement Park to name a few.

 Jubilee Park is the lung of Jamshedpur, and it should be kept healthy to maintain the ecological balance. When the Park was built and dedicated to the citizens of Jamshedpur in 1958, the population of Jamshedpur was approximately three lakhs and the vehicle density miniscule as compared to now.  In the last almost 50-60 years, the population of Jamshedpur has increased manifold and so has the vehicular density. A road inside the park is not heard of anywhere else in India. The road was laid in view of the limited population and lesser number of vehicles. Moreover, many people then used bicycles but now scenario has shifted to cars and two wheelers. Parks are meant for walking, sitting, relaxing, enjoying with family and friends, performing yoga and other health exercises. Park is for children, elderly, for the young and energetic an for families. Park is where one can walk without the fear of accidents and enjoy the surroundings. Park is where one can leave the kids so that they can safely move, run, and play without the fear of being hit by some vehicle. Park is where one relax and meditate. 

But for this beautiful Jubilee Park, the road running through it has over the years become a nightmare for everyone coming to relax and enjoy here. It is high time that we close this road passing through this beautiful park and make it safe for elderly and children. Let this be a park and not a vehicular corridor.

(AK Srivastava, President, Jamshedpur Citizen Forum)


  1. No where in the world public service road in the middle of a park. Appeal to administration and politicians let us close this road once for all. Keep the sanctity of park maintained by Tata Steel alive. A couple years back, public compelled to stop visit park with children as it was a open brothel park under the sky, sale and purchase of drugs what not. So called politicians now shouting with banners criticising Tata management. Public habituated to make park as a dumping yard leaving garbage every day. How many NGOs come forward took active part to check unethical activities in the park to save our Jublee Park.

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