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Jharkhand to become global hub for filmmaking: Anupam Kher

Ranchi, Sept. 2: Veteran film actor and chairperson of Jharkhand Film Technical Advisor Committee Padma Bhushan Anupam Kher said that Jharkhand will be a center of attraction for the film makers all over the world. He said that nature has endowed Jharkhand with immense beauty.

�With varied art, culture and civilization, committed artists to preserve heritage of the state and above all, visionary leadership and commitment of Chief Minister Raghubar Das for development of basic infrastructure, Jharkhand will see a new dawn in the field of film making,� he said while chairing the first meeting of Jharkhand Film Technical Advisor Committee (JFTAC).

The committee decided to include at least two women members referred by committee members who will send their resume along with life-history to IPRD. Out of the received applications, two members will be nominated by the government.

On the initiative of Kher, it was decided that films dealing with local art, culture and civilization will be especially promoted. A website will be developed for Jharkhand Film Technical Advisor Committee with all vital information with respect to film policy of the state and step wise development of the actions taken on proposals received.

It was also pointed out in the meeting that this committee will go through the proposals of film making seriously and recommend to the government which will take final decision regarding subsidy. It was also decided in the meeting that processing or registration fee will be provisioned for applying for subsidy so that only serious film makers should apply for subsidy.

It was also decided that only those films will be considered for subsidy and other amenities which have been started after taking permission from the government under various provisions after formulation of the film policy. It was also decided that the proposals of film making will be categorized and slabs will be made under quality, technical and financial basis and subsidy payment will be made accordingly.

The committee also decided that all applications seeking amenities and subsidy will be accepted online. Even those film makers who have applied earlier will have to follow the same provision.

The format of application was also approved in the meeting. Moreover, in the light of single window system provisioned under Jharkhand Film Policy 2015, the committee discussed and decided how IPRD will coordinate with different departments of government, who will be responsible officers and what will be the timeframe. A format in this regard was decided in the meeting.

The committee decided to form sub-committees to review script, technique, promotion to local art and culture and financial base. Technical and financial sub-committees will consist of professionals of technical as well as financial expertise respectively.

Each sub- committee will determine a film�s merit to compete for subsidy. The financial sub-committees will examine the bills and invoices categorically and determine its competence. At least 1 chartered accountant will be included in the financial sub-committee.

For the approved films (in principle), the committee has provisioned for monitoring film making process. The certificate of deputy director or DPRO will be mandatory in which district the film is being shot. The DPROs will ascertain where the film has been shot, how many local artists have got employed in the film and if the film has any controversy with it.

The committee also considered the parameters to dismiss a film for subsidy. Apart from this, all applications or proposals for film making were reviewed and as per competence of the film and forwarded ahead.

The committee also decided to appoint one liaison officer to coordinate between film makers and govt. officers of Jharkhand. The tenure of committee members will be normally 2 years and two-third of the members will be relieved gradually. The current committee will remain in office for three years.

IPRD Director Awadhesh Kumar Pandey, members Ajay Malkani, Hari Mittal, Mahesh Manjhi, Mukund Nayak, Rishi Prakash Mishra, Bulu Ghosh, Ratan Prakash, Amitabh Ghosh and Ramesh Hansda were present in the meeting.

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