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Jamshedpur youth dies of dengue

Jamshedpur, September 25:Rajkumar Mohapatra, a 21-year-old youth suffering from dengue from Chorchita village of Bengal, adjacent to Barsol in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, died during treatment at Medinipur Medical College on Monday.

His father Bhakta Ram Mohapatra works as a security guard in Bengal area. It is being told that while pursuing his graduation, Rajkumar used to help his mother in household chores at home.

Family members told that last Saturday they took him to Gopiballapur Hospital, where seeing his serious condition, the doctor referred him to Medinipur Medical College. Here he was confirmed to be suffering from dengue, but he died during treatment on Monday morning.

Villagers said that no spraying was ever done in this area to prevent dengue, malaria etc. outbreak. Nor has any concrete solution been taken to kill mosquitoes by any fogging machine. Many dengue patients have already been confirmed in this village. All the people are undergoing treatment somewhere. Even after this the health department is unconcerned.

Rajkumar Mohapatra, was suffering from typhoid and dengue. Relatives of the deceased told that he had fever about two weeks ago. When the fever did not subside, several blood tests were done, but dengue was not found in it. The test revealed typhoid. That’s why the doctor had given him medicine for typhoid.

Dengue was confirmed in Medinipur Medical College. After giving typhoid medicine, the fever subsided within four-five days. Then after four-five days, high fever started coming again. Then at the same time the typhoid medicine was started again, but Rajkumar started feeling very weak.

There is not a single case of dengue in Barsol area. Medical Officer in-charge of Baharagora, Dr. Utpal Murmu said that the area where the incident took place is in Bengal. There is no such reporting yet that anyone has got dengue in our area.

Wherever reporting is taking place or there is a possibility of dengue larvae being found they are spraying of Denefosh.

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