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Jamshedpur water woes : Administration sets up control room, team formed


Jamshedpur, March 15: Following the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner, a team has been formed to solve the drinking water problem during summer season. A dedicated team has been formed for the entire district, separate teams have also been formed in the municipal bodies.

A control room (Call 0657- 3560557) is working under the Drinking Water and Sanitation department and any one can call to ensure that their drinking water problem is resolved. It will function from 8 am to 8 pm.

The summer season has started a bit early, and to ensure that the people of the district do not face any problem of drinking water, as per the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Vijaya Jadhav, special teams have been formed for the entire district as well as teams have been formed in the municipal bodies. Apart from this, a control room has also been set up In view of the heat, a campaign is being carried out in the entire district to repair the damaged handpumps.

The rising level of mercury has not only made life unbearable but has also added to water woes in Jamshedpur so much so that the district administration has geared up to tackle the drinking water crisis with an action plan.

In order to redress the water woes of the citizens during the summer season, the East Singhbhum administration is gearing up to work on an action plan that includes repair hand pumps, distribution of water through tankers and several other initiatives drinking water programme.

According to the information, the water problem is more severe in the areas located at the tail-end of the water supply system and on the city outskirts. In order to end the water woes of the residents, the district administration has decided to distribute water through tankers in the areas of Baghbera, Jugsalai, Pursudih and Karandih, which are the worst affected areas.

The district administration expects that due to the scanty rainfall last year, more tube wells could dry up as the groundwater recedes further. To ensure water supply in the affected area, the public health and engineering department will increase the water tanker

Moreover, the water reservoirs of the city have not collected rainwater due to scanty rains. To deal with the situation, the district administration is getting ready with its plan, which would be implemented when the water crisis intensifies in the next coming months.

A senior district official said that if the water crisis in the city increases, they would increase the water supply through tankers.

“It is really difficult for us. The scorching heat along with decreasing water level has made life difficult for us.  Long queues of women standing for water at hand pumps are a regular feature,” said a resident of Baghbera.

Now, as the water crisis is looming large since the city received scanty rain last year, the supply of water through tankers would be increased by around 30 lakh litres.

According to the district administration, water tanker trips daily will ensure the supply of water in the slum areas of the city, where the water crisis is looming large because the tube wells and hand pumps have dried up.

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