Sunday, December 3, 2023

Jamshedpur industries gasping for survival amid Oxygen prohibition order

Jamshedpur, May 15: Following the directive of Central government oxygen supply to companies have been stopped to cater to the requirement of Covid patients which has affected the operation of companies engaged in automobile body building, fabrication, welding, melting and heating work. 

There are nearly 1170 companies in Adityapur industrial area and most of which are ancillaries of Tata Motors and require oxygen as raw materials. 

These companies on an average require between 300 and 1200 oxygen cylinders of 7 cubic meter capacity each month. 

However, Tata Steel and other companies who have their own oxygen generation plants are not affected by this crisis.

The owners of the small and medium scale industries are however gasping for survival and the owners claim that if such a situation continues then they will have to close down operation. 

The district administration has seized oxygen cylinders used in industrial area after the directive from Central government on April 13 and the administration has changed nozzle of commercial oxygen cylinders and are using it at Covid hospital. 

Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy has asked the Union and state government to analyse the situation on how much oxygen is required for medical purpose and allow the rest to be used for industrial purpose  so that industries can also survive. 

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