Saturday, December 9, 2023

Jamshedpur: Helmet checking drive adds to coffer, police intensify crackdown

Jamshedpur: Around Rs 30,000 is being collected as fines from traffic rule violators in checking drive launched in various parts of Jamshedpur on each day. The crackdown, carried out by the traffic wing of East Singhbhum police, is catching over 100 bikers, mostly school students, riding without helmet daily. The drive is conducted simultaneously across four traffic police stations – Sakchi, Bistupur, Golmuri and Jugsalai – around 10am and continued till 7pm.

The penalty for not wearing helmets is Rs 270. No driving licence invites a fine of Rs 500 and missing insurance papers cost a biker/motorist Rs 1,000.

Concerned over the rising cases of road mishaps, the district traffic police have decided to carry embark on a drive checking the helmets of riders and pillion-riders too and also ensure that the visor of the head-gears is clean and in good condition.

�Considering the rising cases of mishaps taking place the two-wheeler riders will have to wearhelmet along with the pillion-rider . We will conduct random helmet checking drive, and if found any pillion-rider without a helmet, then he or she will have to pay a penalty of Rs 270 as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act,” said an official. He went on add that women pillion-riders will also have to follow the rules.

“We have taken the decision for making the pillion-rider too wear a helmet because the number of pillion-riders falling victim to fatal road mishap in and around the steel city is increasing. The decision to enforce wearing helmet on the pillion-rider is in accordance to the Motor Vehicle Act,” said he.

As per information from January 1 till today in all 63 persons have in road mishaps at Jamshedpur. When in most of the cases, the mishap took place between a truck and a two-wheeler. In three cases the pillion rider was also killed along with the two-wheeler rider. Of the 63 mishap deaths in the city, five persons were killed despite wearing a helmet.

Speaking about the measures being taken for curbing the mishaps on the city roads, the official said that they have put up about 200 hoardings across the city so as to create awareness for riding by wearing helmets, not to do drunk driving, tighten seat-belt while driving and avoid triple-riding. He said apart from the hoardings, the department has put speed-breakers at wherever they felt necessary.

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