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Free Henna designs for Haritalika Teej devotees in Jamshedpur

 Messages for water conservation, green earth

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Jamshedpur, Aug 30: Henna designs were applied on the hands of 400 Haritalika Teej devotees by 12 young girls today between 10 am and 11 pm at a space in front of Manohar Chaat, an eatery owned by Madhuri Dixit fan Pappu Sardar. Manohar Chaat is opposite Basant Central in Sakchi.

The henna design application for other devotees will also be conducted tomorrow, August 31, at the same venue from 10 am. Women observe Haritalika Teej for a blissful and contended conjugal life. This ritual involves fasting on the auspicious occasion. Haritalika Teej will be observed on Sunday, September 1.

The first lady to be applied henna design today was Birsanagar resident Mamata Pandey who was gifted a saree and a makeup kit. The 12 young girls applying henna designs on the hands of the Haritalika Teej devotees worked non-stop. It was a long wait for the ladies who had come for the henna design application on their hands but they did not grumble. They were from across all economic divides.

A team of eunuchs also arrived on the occasion and gave bangles and blessed all ladies present. The blessings of eunuchs are considered sacred and ushers in good luck in the lives of the people blessed by them.

Another point of interest at the venue was the array of posters urging the ladies present to conserve water and plants. Speaking in the midst of it all, the organizer of this two day free henna design application event, Pappu Sardar stated, �This is the third consecutive year that I have undertaken this auspicious event. Film star Madhuri Dixit has accepted me as her brother and that is why I ensure that my sisters in the city are adorned with henna designs for the important religious occasion of Haritalika Teej observed for peace and prosperity of their married life and of the household.�

Pappu urged the women present to save at least two liters of water every day as their contribution towards water conservation. In the year 2017, the initial year, 300 ladies had henna designs applied on their hands and in the following year the figure went upto 300. Today, the first day of the two day event, 400 women had henna designs applied on their hands and the figure is expected to exceed 1,000 at the end of the final day on August 31.

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