Thursday, May 26, 2022

Demand to start direct flight from Ranchi to Jaipur

Jamshedpur,Jan 16:Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI) has requested Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation to start a direct  flight from Ranchi to Jaipur. Vijay Anand Moonka, president, Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industries said that the members of the Chamber as well as the native residents of Rajasthan living in the state of Jharkhand have requested the Civil Aviation Minister to start a direct flight from Ranchi to Jaipur. .

He said that a large number of people from Jharkhand state come from different parts of Rajasthan especially Jaipur, Salasar, Khatu, Jhunjhunu, Ajmer etc. Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Jaipur, which inevitably results in boarding a train or taking flights from Kolkata. It really takes a lot of time and in case of emergency people are not able to reach Jaipur or any part of Rajasthan on time.

Rajasthan is famous for tourism as well as being a religious place for pilgrimage and this is the reason why a direct flight from Ranchi to Jaipur is essential. He said that with the introduction of direct flight (Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand to Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan), not only will it be possible to travel from different parts of Jharkhand to Jaipur at the earliest, but will also be a major source of revenue for the government. 

He said that the chamber has full faith in him that soon he will take positive initiative in this direction. A copy of this letter has also been sent to the Prime Minister, Government of India and Chief Minister, Government of Jharkhand and Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

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