Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Criminals snatch Rs 6 lakh from a woman near SBI bank in Bistupur

Jamshedpur : Two bike-borne criminals snatched a bag that contained Rs 6 lakh from a woman near State Bank of India’s main branch close to Bistupur police station on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim, B. Nag (55) had withdrawn the money from the SBI and was about to ride a scooter that her grandson, Rishabh (18) had parked near the bank’s gate.

A resident of Ram janam Nagar in Kadma, the woman had come to the bank at about 12 noon, and had withdrawn the money in the next half-an-hour.

“I am in state of shock. I had kept the money in a bag in my left arm and about to sit on my grandson’s scooter.  But suddenly two bike- borne youths came, and while crossing me one of them snatched away my bag.  I tried to resist the loot, but the criminal pulled the bag so hard that I feel on the ground,” said Nag.

Nag said her husband Ramchandra Nag was a Tata Steel employee and retired a month ago. She said she was withdrawing so much money from the bank as they had to meet the expenses for building a house and also for the treatment of her handicapped husband.

Soon after the incident, officer-in-charge, Bistupur thana, Anuj Kumar reached to the spot and started probe.  Soon afterward, senior superintendent of police, Anoop T Mathew and SP (City) Prashant Anand reached the scene of crime for investigation.

The SP (City) Anand inspected the spot and also went inside the bank to see the place from where the victim had withdrawn money. 

“As per our probe the criminals must have followed the woman victim from the bank counter from where she had withdrawn the money and later snatched it and fled,” said Anand.

The senior police officer claimed that some policemen had followed the two bike-borne criminals who had gone toward Adityapur taking the Kharkai Link Road, but later they had disappeared in the crowd.

Anand said they have decided to review the posting of Tiger Mobiles (cops on bikes) in Bistupur so that they may work with more effectiveness.

With thieves and snatchers having a free run in the city, the Jamshedpur police are all set to launch intensive drive against vehicles with number plates not conforming to norms.

The young riders, who boast their registration plates in different colours, shape and sizes, would be taken to task during this drive.

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