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Jharkhand govt. aims to generate 2650 MW solar power

Jamshedpur, June 7: India is the world’s fourth largest economy as well as the fourth largest energy consumer.

India imports a substantial portion of its energy. As the Indian economy continues to grow, so will its energy consumption, especially when the manufacturing sector continues to grow at a fast pace, demand for energy is bound to grow. India is at the crossroads of an energy revolution, which will be inclusive and sustainable.

It is therefore essential to tackle the energy crisis through judicious utilization of the renewable energy resources, such as biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy.

Considering the huge untapped potential of renewable energy in Jharkhand, there is a need to promote the sources of renewable energy amongst the industries in the state. Against this background CII organized a full day seminar “Green Conclave: Think Green , Invest in Future” at Beldih Club on Tuesday, June 7. The session was focused on Renewal Energy Sources and how it can benefit the industries and societies at large.

Killol Kamani, Chairman, CII Jamshedpur Zonal Council extended a formal welcome to all the guests present for the conference. He further highlighted the need to shift to renewal energy practices to mitigate climate change. He also highlighted the need to promote renewal energy practices amongst industries.

Ashish Mathur, managing director, Jusco and member CII Jharkhand State Council presented the Theme Address for the conclave and highlighted the need to resort to greener practices. 

He mentioned that the need to change to green practices have also gained global significance and the recently concluded Paris Convention is a very recent example to validate the same. 

He further highlighted that one of major takeaways from the Paris Convention was that the developed economies have collectively formed a fund to help the developing economies adopt and promote green energy practices. He further suggested that it is now imperative that the growth should be inclusive and responsible.

In his theme address he also mentioned that it is only small and gradual transformation rather than big steps which will reap benefits in the renewal space in the near future.

A B Lall, Chairman, CII Jharkhand State Council, gave a state perspective on the energy sector. He further highlighted  that the state govt. is proactively working on the energy sector with a focus on solar energy. He pointed out  that the govt. has identified a  number of fiscal incentives to invite investment in the sector.

The Chief Guest for the seminar D.K.Tewatia I.F.S, Director, Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Authority (JREDA) mentioned that the state government has a production target of 2650 MW of solar power to be generated  by 2019-2020 , out of which 500 MW to be generated from roof tops. 

He also updated that they identified 409 villages under the Rural Electrification scheme. These villages will have 24 hr power supply by the end of the year. He also mentioned that in their endeavor  to promote green energy , JREDA is also providing subsidy for solar water pumps for irrigation to farmers.

Shubhenjit Chaudhuri, Convener Environment & Sustainability Panel, CII Jharkhand delivered the concluding remarks and thanked all the speakers and the companies participating in the programme.

The seminar was addressed by eminent speakers from around the country discussing on the Future of Green Energy, Energy Efficiency in Industries and how Waste can be converted into wealth by applying Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Approach.

The session was attended by more than 100 delegates across the industry, institutions and society including Rahul Singh, Head, CII Jharkhand.

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