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Celebrating the UFO Day

By Dr. Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao

The world is getting ready to celebrate another “Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Day on July 2 to commemorate the Roswell incident. It was on that day in 1947 that the US Air Force balloon was crashed by an unidentifiable object and the military establishment issued the statement of recovering the flying disc. Surprisingly that statement was withdrawn without giving any further explanation which lead to a suspicion, worldwide, that USA is hiding something on the UFOs. Many American tabloids ran unsubstantiated stories on the American air force capturing the aliens and keeping them in a secret place. The rumors are undying as the Hollywood have built stories around aliens and further fantasized the whole issue. The imagination of the directors and art directors lead to a humanized aliens falling in love and even marrying to produce progeny. Fantasy has no limits, unlike the science, so the myth lived for all these decades and even a branch called Ufology has evolved.

America is not alone to sight UFOs and such sightings in the sky was recorded from many other countries including India. In 2004 the ISRO scientists working on the Himalayan glaciers in Uttarakhand reported the sighting of a robot like object flying few inches above the ground along the mountain slope and one of the researcher tried to run towards that ‘alien’ having a cylindrical head with two balloon-shaped attachments, a body, hands and two legs performing the human activities like walking, pacing the steps. The report of ISRO scientists, who are ruled not hallucinating, was confirmed by the PMO in 2011 through a written reply in parliament but further details were not known. The latest sighting of UFO was recorded in February this year in Ludhiana of Punjab.

Two years ago an investigative film maker Jeremy Corbell recorded the footage of almost nine UFOs tailing a US Navy Ship which made those alien objects more authentic. The American Presidents since several decades were playing hide  and seek with the world on the issue of UFOs. Jimmy Carter talked about seeing the UFOs and Barak Obama confessing on the television interview that something he can’t tell people regarding the UFOs. Obama said in that interview that when he moved into White House the first few topics he raised with the official included the alien space ships and the existence of separate lab where aliens are kept and studied. Finally he confirmed the US government having footage of and records of sightings. That includes the leaked Navy video of an unidentified spherical object flying low, skimming the ocean for few minutes before disappearing under water with a splash. Even the incumbent President Joe Biden avoided a direct question on UFO information with USA.

Basing on all the available sighting reports and recorded videos the US intelligence agencies are tasked to prepare a report to the Congress on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). The much awaited intelligence report on these mysterious objects is finally out. Out of the 144 UFOs sightings made in US between 2014 and 2021 only eighteen are found to   be exhibiting unusual movements or flight characteristics as they were found to be stationary in high winds at high altitude and moving in extreme speed without discernable propulsion means. The report treated others recorded incidents as of no or little significance. The report categorized them either as birds, drones or natural atmospheric phenomena. Only few, the report suspected, as the secret defense tests or unknown advanced technologies created by Russia or China.

  The US report not ruling out the possibility of the alien space crafts has brought about the discussion on the age old belief that “we are not alone in the universe”. It was this belief which made  people gaze at the sky in the night and observe all the lighted things in the dark sky with owe. Alien theories were found both in Asia, Africa and South American nations. The construction of pyramids nearly 4,500 year ago in Giza area of Egypt, Inca fortress of  Peru are both engineering marvels with massive stones weighing 350 to 1000 is attributed to Godly power of aliens. India has many such massive constructions which remained unexplained and attributed to Dwapara Yuga. The large spiral Geoglyph in Rajasthan covering almost 1 lakh Kms. Remained unexplained. The list goes on and if the world agrees,  the Mahabharata and Kurukshetra  as a reality of a generation which was advanced in science, technology and culture than is now known.  Then all those personalities like Krishna, Narada, Bhima are no more a mythical characters capable of appearing at will in any place in the universe. Such type of classification of time in to Yugas and powerful characters like Krishna, Bhima, Ghatothgaja are not known in other civilizations at present. Even if such cultural figures were there in other areas their identities may have been wiped out by the Abrahamic religions while colonizing those areas around Nile.

There may be difference of opinion on the past culture but there is a commonality in the description of UFOs. They were described as a structure of disc or cigar without wings and travelling exceeding the speed of the sound, capable of maneuvering at that speed yet without making any emission or sound. All the times the sighting of UFO with bright lights flashing from it and is quoted as an object capable of moving in all the mediums. It is reported to have gone into the ocean without causing any ripple and taking the lift vertically against the gravity.  All these characters are not there in any man-made objects of today despite tall claims of scientific advancement.

The debate on UFOs and aliens is endless. There are many scientists who believe in the existence of aliens and there are common people who dismiss talk of aliens. Not joining any side of the debate, the UFO day celebrations continue to raise the awareness of existence of UFOs and ask the governments across the continents to open their files on UFO sightings. Are the leaders ready for that on this UFO day of 2021?

(Author is retired professor and occasional contributor for dailies and magazines on politics and environmental issues. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at [email protected])

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