Sunday, March 7, 2021

Brothers indulge in bloody fight over landed property in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur, Jan 24: Land dispute led to fight and stone pelting between own brothers and their relatives at Rakhhal Road in Uliyan Tank Road under Kadma thana area.

The situation worsened with the brothers relatives armed with weapons attacked each other  leading to injuries and finally reached Kadma thana to lodge case against each other and created commotion.

According to Kadma police, there was 85 kathas of land belonging to one Gurucharan Sardar who is now dead and his five sons Hariram Sardar, Motilal Sardar, Shyam Sardar, Mangal and Rajendra Sardar are now fighting over this landed property.

Rajendra Sardar stays in Adityapur and the dispute had reached gram sabha which had decided to demarcate the land between the brothers on January 24. Rajendra reached the site along with few of his persons and tried to reach Mangal Sardar’s house but found the gate locked and in a fit of rage broke the boundary wall which resulted in fight between the brothers leading to injuries to eight persons from both sides.

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