Friday, June 2, 2023

Additional water from Chandil dam to clean Moharda filth: Saryu


Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy informed media that till the onset of monsoon this year additional water would be discharged from Chandil Dam to clear filth collected at Moharda water project in Jamshedpur.

The MLA said that executive engineer of Chandil Dam informed him that 11.28 cubic meter per second additional water will be released from Chandil Dam twice every 15 days and four times in a month, so that the filth collected around the Moharda drinking water project can be cleaned and drinking water project should get help smoothly.

Roy had sent a letter in this regard to the secretary, water resources department on April 2, 2022, requesting him to release excess water flow from Chandil Dam. Thereafter, the departmental secretary directed to release excess water flow.

The MLA said that the executive engineer informed  at present a water flow of 13.05 cubic meter per second is being released regularly from Chandil Dam to the Subarnarekha river. But this water flow is not proving sufficient in summer, due to which water flow is getting stagnant near the intake well built for Moharda project, due to which many types of dirt including water hyacinth get accumulated here. It is being cleaned, which has to be done through the boat.

“Now, due to release of additional water flow of 11.28 cubic meters per second for four days in a month (twice in every 15 days), the water flow in the river will be 24.33 cubic meters per second for four days, through which different types of dirt can be removed,” said Roy.

Executive engineer of Chandil Dam has informed Roy that the water level of Chandil Dam is currently at 178.10 metres while dead storage level of the dam is 170 meters. Since there is negligible water flow from the top of the dam, it is not possible to release much water from the dam at present.

According to the executive engineer, currently 349.36 million cubic meters of water is stored in Chandil Dam.

It is expected that by releasing additional water flow every 15 days for two days, the problem of stagnation in the water flow of the river near the intake well of Moharda drinking water project will be overcome to some extent.

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