Wednesday, December 6, 2023

TMH to be developed like CMC Vellore: Dr. G Ramdas

Jamshedpur, Nov. 28: Lt. Gen Dr. G Ramdas, GM (Medical Services), Tata Main Hospital (TMH) on Saturday said that the hospital will now provide better treatment for every disease.

In coming years all the wards of TMH will be air conditioned, every ward will have a separate 15 bed intensive care unit (ICU) and will treat patients with serious illness.

Every department of the hospital has been separated and latest machines have been installed. Along with this hospital has its own lab where every test can be conducted.

The lab has been recognized by NBAL 112, said Dr. Ramdas while addressing a press conference at TMH. Dr. Ramdas said, �TMH now has latest machines along with specialized doctors who are capable to provide quality health care to the employees along with general public of Jamshedpur and around.

We have plans to develop TMH like CMC Vellore and as part of the plan all the departments of the hospital have been upgraded�. On the occasion, HOD of all the departments of the hospital was present who informed about the detailed facilities in their respective department.

Dr. MN Singh, HOD, Neurology said, this department boasts of a neuro physician, three neuro surgeons and 108 junior doctors. A resourceful Neurophysio lab, where a person who comes within four hours of suffering paralysis attack can be cured fully with TPA injection.

Other than this stroke, epilepsy, headache, 24*7*365 head and spinal trauma service along with brain tumor, spinal tumor, and head injury operation can be done within time.

Dr. Harpreet Singh, HOD, Urology is one of the top three urologists in country. Under Dr. Singh�s leadership this department has attained several milestones in the last 5 years.

At the department issues related to urine, prostate disease, kidney stone, female urinary inconsistence, blood cancer, kidney cancer and other diseases related are cured. Dr. Harpreet said, Urology department of TMH boasts of 100- watt laser machine which is present only in top hospitals of the country.

�Through this machine issues related to kidney, bladder and prostate can be solved without surgery. This is the second hospital in the country where surgery of urinary problems in newborn is done�, said Dr. Singh, adding that �Urology department has such an advance machine which can tell about the diseases related to kidney, bladder and prostate in a human�s body within minutes, the Neurodynamic lab which conducts the tests, Dr. Singh informed.

Sleep Study centre, nephrology, Burn care unit and plastic surgery and pathology department heads also informed about the upgradation.

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