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1008 kalash sthapana ceremony performed at Ayyappa Temple


Jamshedpur, Feb. 2: The puja and rituals at the 69th Dharma Saastha Preethi celebrations started with havan for Lord Ganesh, followed by Sankalp, at Uttara Dharma Saastha Temple (Ayyappa Temple) on Thursday.

Later on 1008 kalash sthapana was done and out of this 336 each kalash abhishek was performed for Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik and Lord Dharma Saastha.

This Kalasha Abhishek is being done for the last so many years during Saastha Preethi celebrations and it is done to give a cool effect to the Gods from the heat generated by the havans which have been performed all these days. Kalash abhishek was done for other 16 other presiding deities at the temple with 16 more kalash for which pratishta was done on the inaugural day.

After this shringar for all the three deities was done and Maha aarati was shown and prashad was distributed to hundreds of devotees present in the temple during the period.

In the evening, Hanuman Chalisa parayan was done and a cultural programme consisting of south indian classical songs programme was organized in which Ms Brunda Radhakrishnan of Kolkata performed a vocal recital, accompanied by Mr N Chandrasekhar on Harmonium and Mr Arvind Davay on Mridangam.

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