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Youth Conference at KPS Kadma concludes


Jamshedpur, Nov. 30: On the concluding day of the youth conference held at Kerala Public School (KPS), Kadma, a lot of stress was on remaining quiet and looking within (introspection) on the 4 standards of MRA- Initiatives of Change.

Trainer Viral Mazumdar took a session on the career development focusing on the stressful life being lived by today’s youths with so many competitions and a life they lead without taking care of their priorities and health.

It was stressed that we need to be focused in achieving our goals and we need to plan for the same. If we live a routine life keeping in mind that we need to allot time for academic and sports, said Mazumdar to the students.

The afternoon session was called ‘Letter to Self’- the participants were given papers and envelopes to write a letter to themselves and mentioning about what they have learnt in this youth conference and the letter is to be couriered to them after 6 months to remind them about the decisions they took.

The 269 students finally signed a pledge that they will save the environment; keep the city clean, they will not waste electricity and food.

The day ended with certificate distribution and the participants shared with all the principals and parents who were a part of the closing ceremony.

Those present on the occasion included Sharat Chandran, director, KPS, Inderjit Singh, C. Khan, Shiv Prakash Sharma, Ankita, Harshal,  Mitaksha, Lalan Sharma, Gurpal, PanHanting (Taiwan) Biplab, Indrajit Singh, Suman Sarkar, Sangeeta, Nishant and others.

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