Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Women’s Commission prevents second marriage of Birsanagar youth

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Jamshedpur: Jharkhand State Women’s Commission saved the lives of two women from being ruined on Saturday through timely intervention in a triangular relationship.

Following the initiative of the Commission chairman Kalyani Sharan, Birsanagar police prevented a man, one Ritesh Singh, resident of Zone Number 5, Birsanagar, from getting married second time notwithstanding existence of his first marriage with Rashmi Kumari.

Police said that Rashmi had approached the Women’s Commission complaining about her husband who planned his second marriage on 23rd April. The accused had got wedding invitation cards printed, but the local police got the better of him just in time and stopped the second marriage.

Police talked to Ritesh and told him that he already had a wife and a one and a half year old daughter from his first marriage. They took him to the police station and persuaded him to call off his plans for second marriage.

As per the consent of the families of Ritesh and the would-be second bride, it was decided to fix the marriage of Ritesh’s brother with the would-be bride. Ritesh promised to live amicably with his first wife and give up the idea of getting married again.

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