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Women launch ban alcohol campaign during Chhath in Jugsalai

Jamshedpur, Nov. 7: Members of Hamari Awaz Mahila Samiti which have been running campaign to ban alcohol for the last six months in Jugsalai and Bagbera areas.

On the occasion of Chhath festival on 6 and 7 November, women of the samiti, made the people aware of ill effects of alcohol and called for ban on alcohol.

At ME School Road in Jugsalai, members of the samiti made devotees aware against alcohol and tobacco use along with Swachhta Abhiyan and save girl child.

Women of the samiti appealed the chhath devotees to support the alcohol ban which is a big problem in the region and most of the houses are getting ruined due to it.

The women also put up banners and pictures to make the people alert against the alcohol use and its ill effects.

Patron of Hamari Awaz Mahila Samiti, Chandan Jaiswal, said, we for the last six months are making an effort to ban alcohol and we have received huge support which is helping our cause of open selling the alcohol.

She further said, more than 60 women are part of the samiti who are helping the cause. The main aim of the samiti is to help ban alcohol in the region and during Chhath people in large numbers were made aware of its ill effects.

Along with making the people aware of alcohol ban, members of the samiti helped the chhath devotees specially the women who observed fast.

They also distributed tea, milk and snacks among the devotees on way to the ghats. Later they launched cleanliness drive at several joints. Present at the event was Pushpa Gupta, Bhawani Kumari, Champa Devi, Sushila Devi, Lalita Kumari, Behula Devi, Rajkumari Devi, Paro Devi, Kamla Devi, Sushma Devi and others.

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