Friday, December 8, 2023

What is the end of liberal thinking?

By Dil Bahadur

Lok Sabha elections have ended.� This majesty of democracy turned India’s politics towards a new direction. In this fight between the ideologies, gave birth to two ideologies. Aajam Khan, a fire-breathing ideologist against the Hindus talking about hardcore Muslims, chose the MP from Uttar Pradesh.� And on the other hand, the goddess who presides as a fanatic Hinduist ideology is called a patriot, a Sadhvi Pragnya, who fires fire against Muslims.� Went somewhere to become an MP from the state.
Whether during any election, leaders of any party can not be successful in upholding the Indian model. Their level of speeches has dropped so much that we used to speak of the ideal Ram State, but according to their limitations, no conduct� Leader was not there. Political limitations were shredded in this way; I never saw India’s politics in the election till date.� All the leaders became so fierce and intolerant that they forgot that they are the leader of India’s dream of peace, non-violence, God Buddha and Gandhiji’s dream of the whole world.
There was no fight of ideology in this election. The whole party and the opposition, both of the Ahankar have not only personally attacked each other but have also not received personal criticism from the great freedom fighters and the highly respected leaders of the country.� They forgot how many sacrifices they had given to give you freedom to speak, you had neither the right to criticize nor ideal. We can understand that the nation, who can not respect the ideals of the nation, devoted to the nation� The transformation of the temple will change.
India has never been a victim of violence. We are symbols of peace. Our basic principle is that due to which the whole world is bowing to us. Our dignity is in non-violence, our ideal is established in those rituals where Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi� The ideal is involved.We can not be proud of how many of us killed, we are proud to do this thing that we have saved many.In lieu of violence� Security is not our manners nor ideal.
In the current political perspective, should we introspect whether liberal thoughts are going to end in our country? Are aggressive and radical ideologies dominating the nation.Does our leaders introspect whether they take the nation towards� Want to� The development of the nation depends on the national character and the sacrament. The guidance of peace, rise above the religion, caste and community, has been the global character of our nation on which we proudly say that we are an Indian and our ideology is based on the liberal ideology of Gandhiji� But the way in which the conception of fanatic ideology like Azam Khan and Sadhvi Pragya has happened in this election, it seems or it is feared that� Liberal ideology is not happening anymore!

(Dil Bahadur is an advocate at Civil Court Jamshedpur)

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