Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Wedding season makes hotels, banquet halls packed to capacity, boom in hospitality sector

Jamshedpur : With the onset of ‘Great Indian Wedding’ season this month, the city-based hotels and banquet halls have started witnessing a boom time. Almost all the hotels and halls are registering brisk business these days. From halls to hotels in the city all are overloaded with customers.

For more than 30 banquet halls and more than 20 grand hotels in the city, it is peak business season and they are expecting to earn maximum profits.

Not only are the ones in top category, middle rung hotels, too are doing a brisk business. These hotels are not only convenient in terms of location but in terms of rate too.

“The period of about one month from November 16 to December 14 is the most auspicious time for weddings this year. This is why most people have opted to get married during this period,” said Acharya Mohan Prasad, a city-based astrologer.

He went on to add that on an average about 30 marriages are going take place during the season.

Prabhakar Singh, president, Jamshedpur Hotelier’s Association, said that this is the peak time when hotels register maximum bookings. Moreover since weddings are pompous affair people are always careful enough to book the hotels and marriage halls preferred by them well in advance.

He went on to add that the hotel has made elaborate arrangements for wedding season and the hotel has separate rooms and halls to ensure the rituals involved in a wedding.

Not only hotels but favourite venues for wedding like Jubilee Park, Nicco Park, Ram Mandiram, Gujarati Sanatan Samaj and Khalsa Club are witnessing huge rush.

A senior official Khalsa Club said bookings of the hall started around six months in advance.

“Every year during this time of season we witnessed huge rush for bookings. Moreover since Indian weddings are getting increasingly elaborate, people have a massive list of invitees,” Ranbir Singh, a senior functionary.

This space crunch at hotels, marriage halls and community centers has led to city residents organising marriages on the roof-tops or in the parking lots of their houses.

But even as they struggle to find a solution to the space crunch at hotels, another problem is facing them. Most of the city-based caterers have bookings throughout the month-long marriage season and they have no time either.

“My only son’s wedding is on January 2 and due to delay we were unable to book any banquet hall and now we are left in lurch since all wedding venues are packed. I have no choise but to make arrangements at my lawn,” said Deepak Gupta, Jugsalai.

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