Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tata Zoological Park takes steps to keep animals fit in winter

Diet changed to increase metabolism
: To brace up for the coming winter months and to provide required welfare measures to the captive wild animals, Tata Steel Zoological Park has made all the arrangement for its inmates.

Officials of Tata Zoological Park, informed that mat and hay is being laid down at the cages of the animals to prevent them from cold. Proper shelter and shield are being provided to the animals.

Room heaters, jute curtains and haystacks are in place at the 73-acre animal kingdom, the only private zoo in the country.

The zoo has turned into a warm retreat for the 400-odd animals with lions, tigers and leopards being given extra pound of flesh to increase the rate of metabolism and keep them warm.

“We take extra care during winter. Elaborate arrangements have been made to keep the animals warm.

Room heaters have been fitted inside tiger, lion, leopard, and Hyena cells while haystacks have been spread for providing warmth to deer,” said zoo director Bipul Chakravarty.

Vet Manik Palit is repairing diet chart for different species. There is a change in the diet schedule of the cats. More amounts of meat and vitamins supplements are being provided.

“There are quite a few risks involved in this season. Animals generally acquire upper respiratory tract infection which we normally term as cough and cold.

Also there are risks of lower respiratory tract infection like pnemonia. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for us to take precautions for a few months,” said Palit.

For Monkeys and Langur, seasonal fruits are being provided supplement with minerals and vitamins. Dry hay and room heaters have also been provided.

The ventilation windows are covered with jute cloth to prevent chill air from coming inside.

Dry hay bedding has been provided in all deer and antelope enclosures, so that they are protected from the cold earth during the night hours.

More of green fodder is being provided along with regular supplements of minerals and vitamins.

Most of the bird enclosures are being covered by jute cloth during night hours. Pots for their nesting have been provided.

Light bulbs have been provided in Pheasant enclosures to provide them warmth during night hours. Feeding regime is accordingly changed of the birds with more supplements of minerals and vitamins.

For Gharial and Mugger this is the time when they hibernate. Trees and branches in their enclosures have been lopped and pruned to provide more sunlight for their basking.

Food has been reduced as they do not feed on all days during winter months.

The zoo hospital and kitchen are in total preparedness to help the zoo inmates have a comfortable winter ahead.

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