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Uniform grade structure implemented in Tata Steel Jamshedpur, steel wage, NS grade combined

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Jamshedpur, September 16: For the first time in the history of Tata Steel, a major change has been made in the grade structure of the company’s employees.

It has been implemented from 1 September 2023.

After about 17 years, the agreement for the new grade structure was reached. This agreement was signed by Tata Steel vice-president (HRM)  Atrayee Sanyal, Tata Workers Union president Sanjeev Chaudhary, general secretary Satish Singh and deputy president Shailesh Singh besides all the office bearers.

During this, senior officials of HRM department of Tata Steel were also present.

It was decided that at present the total 53 grades of worker, supervisor, associates culture and D Series will be adjusted to 12 grades.

Under this, grades from OS 1 to OS 12 were made.

Sanjeev Chaudhary and all the officials held a meeting in the union and informed everyone about what benefits it would have.

Under this, it has been said that no employee of the old grade has suffered any loss, however, the path for promotion has been cleared for those employees who were holding the same post for years.

Block 4 has also been opened for OS and NS series, in which now all the employees will be able to go with promotion. About 540 new positions have been decided.

With this agreement, it has been claimed that NS grade (New Series) employees will also get benefits.

Till now NS series employees were not able to go to the fourth block made by the employees. But now those people will also be able to go, that is, they will also start getting its benefit in the pay scale.

NS and OS series employees will be able to submit their applications jointly in the new recruitments happening in the company.

At present, the IB of old grade and new grade NS employees was different. But now the points on IB have also been equalised. In this agreement, mainly the old steel grade has been made OS series i.e. old series grade while the new series has been kept as NS only.

With this new agreement, employees will get promotion, based on this the PF of the employees will also increase. On average the minimum profit will be Rs 2500 to Rs 7000.

Supervisors name ends, furlough leaves stopped

After the agreement on the new grade structure in Tata Steel, the names of supervisors will be eliminated. Supervisors will not get any benefit. The furlough leave given to them has been stopped. Instead it has been decided that an additional one and a half day basic will be added to the current basic, so that the employees will not suffer any loss.

In the new grade structure, lower level employees will benefit, higher level employees will remain the same as they were, in the new grade structure lower level employees will get more benefits. People who earlier used to get less IB will start getting more.

The path for promotion will be clear for them. Many people will get promotion. But those who are in higher grades, i.e. V17 and V20 grades, will get less benefit. If there is no profit then they will not suffer loss either. If there is no profit for the senior associates, there will be no loss either.

Incremental value 3 % in all grades

Employees in grades S1 to S7 and D1 to D6 will be in OS 1, with pay scales ranging from Rs 29910 to Rs 54025, S8 and AS1 i.e. Junior Associates and D7 grades will be in OS 2, with pay scales ranging from Rs 30795 to Rs 55620. Employees including clusterers of S9 and S10 and D8 grade will be in OS 3 with pay scale of Rs 30795 to Rs 55620, S10 to S12 and Associates and employees of D9 to D12 grade will be in OS 4 with pay scale of Rs 35725. to Rs 68525. Employees in grades V1 to V5 and S13 to S17 will be in OS 5, with a pay scale of Rs 43250 to Rs 78115. Employees in grades V6 to V9 will be in OS 6, with a pay scale of Rs 43885 to Rs 79210, V10 and Diploma entry positions which are below V10 and Senior Associates will be in OS 7 grade, whose pay scale will be Rs 44195 to Rs 79825.

Employees of V11 to V16 will be in OS 8, V 17 grade will be in OS 9, whose pay scale will be Rs 46465 to Rs 83925. V 18 grade will be in OS 10, whose pay scale will be in OS 10, whose pay scale will be Rs 46795 -Rs 84520. V19 grade has been placed in OS 11, whose pay scale will be Rs 47135 to Rs 85135. V20 has been placed in OS 12, whose pay scale will be Rs 47460 to Rs 85720.

Promotion pathway

Like before, the employees have been kept in four groups.  They will continue to get promotion in the same. There should be a gap of four years from one promotion to another. At the same time, the average attendance should be 270 days, whereas those who have a working day of five days should have an attendance of 218 days. There should be safety e-learning while there should be efficiency. Employees will be eligible for promotion only after staying in a grade for four years. However, the process of interview has also been decided, in which 0.5 or 0.75 marks should be obtained out of 4 questions. People will also have to go through question answers. If there is any vacancy, its advertisement will be published within the company itself, for which promotion from lower block to higher block will be possible.

Conveyance and vehicle maintenance allowance

Conveyance allowance and vehicle maintenance allowance have been fixed for OS grade. Under this, the conveyance allowance for two-wheelers of OS 1 to OS 6 grades has been fixed at Rs 1925 per month, while for four-wheelers it has been fixed at Rs 2550 per month. At the same time, for the maintenance of two-wheelers, Rs 250 per month has been fixed, while for four-wheelers, it has been fixed at Rs 255 per month. For grades OS 7 to OS 12, the conveyance allowance has been fixed at Rs 1975 per month for two-wheelers and Rs 2750 per month for four-wheelers. The maintenance fee for two-wheelers has been fixed at Rs 345 and for four-wheelers it has been fixed at Rs 375.

NS grade to benefit most

NS grade has benefited the most due to incentive bonus. The point value of OS grade and NS grade has been fixed at the same point value on IB to be given to NS grade and OS grade.

New rules in leaves

Changes have also been made in the holidays given to employees. Under this, CS and SL have already been kept. At the same time, PL has been done for 15 days throughout the year, which was up to 200. Furlough leave has been completely stopped, instead of which 1.5 days have been fixed in basic. APL has been fixed for 10 days throughout the year and maximum 30 days. If the employees are not able to avail the benefits for 200 days then they will be able to get all the facilities.

Acting allowance for all

Those who go to higher grades and work will get acting allowance. Earlier, NS grade employees used to get HRA for doing such work, in lieu of which now acting allowance has been given. Those acting in Block 1 to Block 2 will get an additional acting allowance of Rs 33 per day. Employees working in Block 2 to Block 3 will get an additional Rs 45 per day, while those working in Block 3 to Block 4 will get acting allowance of Rs 47 per day. This rate will be equal for NS and OS grades.

Opportunity to go to Group 4

There was no opportunity to go to Group Four in the shared services departments of Tata Steel. Now this opportunity has been given. Under this, earlier there were 4457 employees in Block 3, while there were 216 employees in Block 4, now there will be 3914 employees in Block 3 while there will be 759 people in Block 4.

Disadvantages of new grade structure

Supervisor grade existence ceased after 1 September 2023. There was a system of trade test (classroom and positional) in workers for promotion of old series employees and only interviews had to be given to go to supervisory position. Under the new system, now like the NS series employees, the old ones will also have to obtain 4 Q scores through the complex CBSE process.

Apart from this, there will be promotion in the second block and along with this, the obligation to give interview has also been fixed. It will be mandatory for the old series employees to do safety e-learning due to which the less educated people in the old grades are going to face a lot of trouble.

There will no longer be any monthly grade employee (supervisor) in the company because all of them have come in the category of converted monthly grade employee (worker), due to which the leave provided to them is being reduced.

Like earlier the supervisor used to get CL-7, PL – 30, APL – 0 and Sick Leave – 15, now instead they will get only CL-7, PL – 15, APL – 10 and Sick Leave – 15. Thus, there is a direct loss of 5 days of leave per supervisor per year. Even if 50 percent of the current number of 4673 employees in Block 3 and 4 issued by the Tata Workers Union are supervisors of the old grade, the company would have saved about eleven and a half thousand leaves with immediate effect.

The provision of encashable furlough leave for supervisors in the old grade series became history.


  1. A great achievement. Excellent efforts made similar to IL strategy. Appeal to Management and union to regard EX-Employees senior citizens in TMH OPD.
    Doctors attitude and behaviour is so bad. Treating patients like criminal. Entertain in standing position. Never try to help. Being helpless, no option, as a patient entering into TMH OPD.
    Do we have codified ethics to treat ex-employee senior citizen to treat as a criminal. Irrespective of their nature of job from Mazdoor to IL1 contributed their sincere efforts honestly. Outsourcing staff dictates terms over patients in Emergency. Doctors on duty role is hardly 1%.

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