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Lower level recruitment through 2 companies in Tata Steel, no threat to permanent employees

Himalayan Paths

Jamshedpur, September 16: There were two significant developments for employees in Tata Steel on Saturday.

While an agreement for the new grade structure of the employees was reached between the management and the recognised union, another agreement was reached on hiring of employees through two different companies.

Before the agreement, all the officials of Tata Workers Union including president Sanjeev Chaudhary, general secretary Satish Singh and deputy president Shailesh Singh reached an agreement on forming a new company.

Under this, it was decided that whatever lower level recruitments will be done in Tata Steel, it will no longer be done directly in Tata Steel.

Now the recruitment will be done through two subsidiaries of Tata Steel, Tata Steel Support Services Limited and Tata Steel Technical Services.

This is the first time that there are two companies in Tata Steel, but all the employees will continue to work at their respective places.

Earlier, Jojobeda Cement Plant was separated from Tata Steel and four thousand employees were transferred to TSUISL (formerly Jusco).

After the meeting held on Saturday, it was decided that the reinstatement of trade apprentice and GET will be done directly in Tata Steel while all other lower level grades will be reinstated in these two newly formed companies. Both these companies will provide employees to Tata Steel. For this, recruitment will be issued separately by these two companies, which can be sent for work in any plant of Tata Steel.

Tata Steel has formed two companies by the name of Tata Steel Technical Services Limited and Tata Steel Support Services Limited.

Tata Steel Technical Services Limited is the changed name of Bhushan Steel Madhya Bharat Limited, which was established about 12 years ago, in which Sandeep Bhattacharya, Subodh Pandey, Probal Ghosh, Sandeep Dhir and Zubin Pesi Palia are the directors. Its CEO is Sandeep Dhir.

At the same time, Tata Steel Support Services Limited is also a company established 12 years ago by Bhushan Steel Odisha, whose current directors are Tata Steel vice-president Chanakya Chaudhary, Sandeep Bhattacharya, Subodh Pandey, Deepak Panduranga Kamath and Zubin Pesi Palia.  The CEO of this company is Deepak Panduranga Kamath.

The employees who will be reinstated in TMH will work through these companies of Tata Steel only.

Tata Workers Union President Sanjeev Chaudhary Tunnu said that both these companies are already working. Earlier also two companies were formed, but we have been forced to keep all the employees in our own company.

The reinstatement of trade apprentice and GET will be the same as before. There will definitely be some restoration, in which there is restoration like fixed term FTA, which is in the form of contract, its restoration will be done separately through these two companies only.

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