Saturday, December 2, 2023

Traffic police launch drive against tipplers and violators

Jamshedpur : The district traffic department has decided to act tough against drunk driving. Officials informed that starting tomorrow special drive would be carried out at different areas of the city to check drunken driving.

“This time we are serious on the issue . The drive will help in checking road mishaps. Drunk driving is one of the major reason of road mishaps during the festival.

We are also issuing a general appeal asking people not to drive vehicles– two and four wheelers –under the influence of alcohol,” said deputy superintendent of police ( Traffic) , Vivekanand Thakur.

The Jamshedpur Police have acquired a score of breath analyzers to drive wedge between the lethal combination of drinking and driving. Traffic Police gets six of them while the industrial towns get two each. If caught driving under the influence of driving above the permissible limit, one can be fined up to Rs 2,000.

In case of penalty not paid, the violator�s vehicle can be seized and in grievous cases, the driver can face imprisonment for a period of six months to two years. Officials informed that traffic cops equipped with breath analyzers henceforth would check impromptu at static locations.

Under the Police Modernization Scheme of the State Government, Jharkhand Police has acquired a slew of modern gizmos to enhance the efficacy and morale of traffic police in the state.

Other equipments provided include retro-reflective sign, raised pavement marker, spring posts, flexible spring posts, power mega phones, sliding barriers and 3m fixed vertical retro-reflectors for efficient traffic regulation.

In a bid to rein in traffic violators, wheel locks, 35 each for and Jamshedpur and 13 each for major towns would enable the cops to lock the vehicles parked in non-parking areas making it easy for such truant practices to be penalised. Further intensifying the law enforcement measures on traffic violators, four more cranes are likely to be delivered to Traffic Police by the Urban Development Dept. to lift away these vehicles.

In city, unbridled entry of unauthorised tempos, dearth of parking zones and proper pick up stands for city buses are the nagging menace causing traffic snarls. Data reveals only 2335 tempos possess permit while nearly 6000 tempos ply without permit.

Only three tempo- stands aggravate the jams with roads used as parking havens. A concerted effort by RTO, DTO and the traffic police cracking whip on illegal tempos would offer a safety valve to the perpetual traffic woes in . The above three dept. are gearing up to restrict the entry of surplus tempos with permits issued only for plying outside the city.

It is estimated that nearly 12 lakh commuters and vehicles ply on roads every day. Maintaining their smooth flow would indeed be a daunting task once when hordes of buses of educational institutes deluge the narrow city roads after the summer holidays.

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