Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The third wave aiming on children

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By Ashima Singh

I am back again with another serious discussion. It is about children and teenagers. It is about their health. The talk about the third wave affecting children is the talk of the country right now. The manufacturer of Covaxin, Bharat Biotech has been approved by the Indian government for starting testing for vaccination of children from 2 to 18 years of age. India has one of the largest proportions of population in the younger age groups in the world. As per the Census of 2011, 41 percent of the population account for less than 18 years of age. If we see population wise number of younger age group, then today the number of people in India is about 139 crores, in which children and teenagers under 18 years are about 57 crores. As per population, the government would require arranging 57 crores of vaccine doses for vaccination of all 57 crores youngers under 18 years age group. As we know that the Bharat Biotech will start testing process in the month of June, but it would not be possible to vaccinate such a large population up to the age of 18 immediately, because the capacity to manufacture vaccines of Bharat Biotech is very less. It will take long time to complete this exercise.

Now a days, due to shortage of vaccines, people are not being vaccinated as per required pace. Owing to this, scientists & experts are presuming third wave of Corona Pandemic may come in India very soon. Corona Virus is changing its forms frequently. Different variants of Corona viruses’ have been found in various countries. A few variants of Corona viruses have also been found in India. A new variant B.1.617 of Corona Virus has been found in India which is being said fatal. Though, as of now, there is no evidence that B.1.617 is causing severe illness. However, based on fatalities of variants which have been found in India, experts are presuming third wave of Corona Virus may be fatal for children. As per experts, children body is vulnerable. Owing to this, they are soft target of Corona Virus. They are not as strong as adult. So, this is essential for them to take care of themselves and for parents to make sure that they remained healthy, because, in the district of Dungarpur in Rajasthan, 325 children have been found Covid positive a few days back. Similar number of Covid positive cases have been seen in Dausa, Rajasthan. Thus, in the Rajasthan more than 600 children have been found Covid positive. A few more children have also been found Covid Positive in other states.

The 10th (CBSE) examination has already been cancelled & promoted all students to next grade. The students of 12th (CBSE) are still in confusion. Apart from CBSE, students of ICICI & other states boards are in similar mental status. As per the government sources, on 1st June, the government is going to decide whether the 12th (CBSE) examination will be taking place or the would be cancelled, if the examination take place, then the schools would be taking safety measures for students. The crux of the problem is how the students will prepare for their examinations. Corona pandemic has almost devasted their study. The negative thought is hovering all time in their mind. In this mental status, appear in the examination is great challenge for them. At the same time, if the examinations are cancelled then it will ruin the career of students.

Parents are already worried about their health due to threat of second wave of Corona Pandemic. If 12th (CBSE) examination is to be conducted, their worry will further increase. So, in my opinion, conducting of 12th (CBSE) examination is not good & safe option.

Reopening of schools is presently not possible. In this backdrop. the students have only option of doing online learning. Though, every student knows, they are not properly learning from online classes. After lapses of one year, it has been proved that online classes cannot replace physical schools.

Our health is something which matters the most in these difficult times. As we know, “HEALTH IS WEALTH”, so we should always be careful from Corona Virus. As the situation is worse than last year, we need to make sure what we eat and what physical activities we can do. First, we should stop worrying because worry is deadly for health.

To take a few steps for making ourselves healthy, we can save our life in this adverse situation. We should eat chapati of mix grains rather than wheat. To use mustard oil instead of refined oil. If you are using ghee, you will use desi ghee only. Take more and more green vegetables in your diet. Eat a lot of fruits especially seasonal ones before 4 PM everyday if you can. Reduce the use of oil or ghee in your diet. Follow a fixed routine for eating food. At least do fasting one day in a week. Eating packaged outside food may be dangerous; so, avoid them as much as you can. Make sure to drink as much water as you can. If possible, start drinking fresh homemade juice. Do not create problems like those 5-year kid tantrums that I don’t want drink this or that. Eat chicken, eggs and protein rich food but avoid use of red meat in your diet.

Waking up early make you healthy. The old proverb “EARLY SLEEPING, EARLY RISING” is still relevant. The cycling & morning walk may make you healthy, but due to lockdown, it is not possible right now. In today’s scenario, you can’t go outside, but we can do exercise inside our home like yoga, dancing etc. Do breathing exercises, it will help in making you relaxed. Do meditation, it will help you in clearing the negative stuffs out from your mind.

In the current scenario, it may take a long time for the vaccination of children. At least the third wave of Corona virus will come before the vaccine. To protect children from the corona virus, parents and children must comply with the Corona pandemic Protocol. Also, one should exercise regularly as well as eat nutritious food. By doing this, children can be protected from the grip of the corona virus.

(Author is a class eight student at Ryan International School, CBSE Malad in Mumbai. She has been writing freelance for the last two years. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. She can be reached at 8294586892.)

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