Thursday, October 28, 2021

The danger is not over yet, vigilance is very important

By  Alee khan

Today our country is facing the second wave of covid-19. The second wave of covid-19 has wreaked havoc all over the country. Today the second wave of terrible invisible virus has reached its peak. Considering the decline in cases of infection in the last few days, it can be said that our country is coming out of the grip of the second wave. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a meeting with some DMs and field officers on 20 May. In which there was concern about a possible third wave. With this, Principal Adviser to the Government of India K. Vijay Raghavan issued his statement saying that within five to six months of the second wave’s calm, the third wave can knock. To avoid the third wave, we have to make preparations on a war footing right now.

 But now suddenly the news has come out that the third wave is not going to be dangerous for the children. Let us tell you that the Union Health Ministry has declared the possibility of the third wave as baseless. Referring to the reasons behind this, the Health Ministry said that till now the third wave is going to be fatal for children, we have not found any concrete scientific indication about it. About 50 percent of the children will be children. ‌Many Indian epidemiologists, including the Union Ministry of Health, had also warned about this. Due to this, the Union Health Ministry had also directed the states to take vigilance and take precautionary measures.

 In such a situation, amidst the pause on the anticipation of the third wave, many questions now arise whether the children feel safe from the third wave? Has the danger been completely averted from them? Is it no longer necessary to vaccinate children? After all, the governments had taken necessary measures as a precaution, what about them, will they continue even further? These are questions that today remain the brainchild of not only state governments, children, the elderly, but also of every human being who has been affected by the covid-19 virus in some way or the other.  Today we can say anything, but it is clear that the Union Health Ministry has declared the danger of the third wave as baseless.  Due to this, it seems natural for states to take lax steps as a precautionary step.

 Please tell that many states had taken precautionary measures due to the fear of a third wave. Where the biggest state of Uttar Pradesh is concerned in terms of population, the Yogi government of the state is going to give priority to applying covid-19 vaccine to parents of children up to 12 years old. For this, the government has decided to set up a parent booth at the vaccination center. So that the possibility of spreading corona in children can be stopped. Talking about Maharashtra, the government in the state is busy preparing the covid Care Ward. Along with setting up task force in the state, it is also being planned to create a creche network for children, by which information will be collected about the parents who are hospitalized by getting corona infected. Talking about the Haryana government in the fight, the Haryana government has launched the Sanjivani project in the state. At the same time, preparations are also going on in view of the third wave of Uttarakhand government. Under this, there is a plan to prepare 25-25 ICU beds in Haridwar and Haldwani for Corona infected children. As far as the capital of the country Delhi is concerned, Bhagiratha efforts are continuing to deal with the threat of the third wave. It has decided to set up Taskforce to raise beds, oxygen and other medical facilities. The Delhi government is also placing more emphasis on vaccination of children. The chief minister has spoken of vaccinating the American vaccine Pfizer for vaccination of children. For this, the Central Government has been requested to talk to the manufacturer of Pfizer. Let us know that America Vaccine Pfizer is very effective and effective for those above 15 years of age.

 Indeed, many experts believe that the first wave attacked the elderly. While the second wave has engulfed the young population. In such a situation, in the third wave, the corona will make the children a victim. It is also true that no one had imagined the terrible form of the second wave of the corona. Sometimes it is heard that the third wave is going to be very fatal for children, sometimes it is also heard that it will not wreak havoc like the second wave. It is very risky to conclude anything in such a dilemma situation. There is no difficulty in this. In such a situation, when will the third wave come? How much havoc will it wreak? It is too early to say anything in this context.

(Author is Jaisalmer based freelance writer, columnist and commentator. The views expressed are personal opinion of the author. He can be reached at

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