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The Giant of Jamshedpur


By Peter Thorne
Giants come in many sizes. The Giant of Jamshedpur is not a tall man but he is the giant of power sports. He is Subrata Dutta! Subrata Dutta is known to India�s world of power as �DADA�. Subrata Dutta�s trip began as a young Bengali Boy in a small gym in India.

From the modest start his sport�s voyage took him to 100s of countries and on to every continent and to the top of his sport. In 2008 Canada�s International Power Congress, unanimously voted Subrata Dutta in to International Hall of Fame.

Subrata Dutta is the first and ONLY man from India in the Power Hall of Fame.

Subrata Dutta was not born with the promise of great strength. He was born with unmatched determination and fierce commitment to the challenges.

When Subrata Dutta was a student at Ramakrishna School, he took in the words of Swami Vivekananda. �Strength is Life, Weakness is death.� Commitment to those words set this young man on his life�s path.

His journey began in a small gym in Kolkata. All this boy�s perseverance and determination were required to meet these challenges. Time went on and he became stronger. The day came when he entered the Mr. Hercules Contest. Men were judged for strength and muscularity and he WON!! He was now �Mr. Hercules�! His trek was underway! In 1976 he became National Bodybuilding Champion and earned the title of �MR INDIA�! With his new found strength he ventured into Olympic Weight Lifting.

The result; He became India�s National Olympic Weight Lifting champion, his 2nd National Championship title. This was followed by the sport that measures pure power from the body, hands, arms legs back and chest. That sport is POWERLIFTING. He found powerlifting was the sport for him.

His focus and determination soon earned Subrata Dutta the National Championship in powerlifting. Three National Championships in Three different sports!!! This feat is unequalled in India. The President of India placed the medal on him as India�s ARJUNA AWARDEE!

When he ended his competition years he turned his energies to India�s aspiring young athletes. Subrata Dutta applied the same championship dedication and devotion to aspiring Indian strength athletes. He developed the sport and headed teams of Indian athletes to Championships around the world.

His work in sports earned India�s Jamshedpur Giant international recognition. Subrata Dutta was elected into many posts including, Secretary General of Indian Powerlifting, General Secretary of Asian Powerlifting, and President of ALL Asian Powerlifting. He set aside all of these positions for his number one task, his work in developing the sport in India and supporting and inspiring India�s strength athletes. His is the �DADA� of powersports.

Today, this Giant�s nights are spent on trains of India, His days, working with young athletes, promoting the sport, working with sponsors and producing and directing great championships. He is still setting records. In 2014 assisting the presentation of his sport�s largest event with 1,100 competitors!! Continually on the road powerlifting�s �DADA� is a stranger in his home. His two mobile phones are continually ringing.

The DADA is continually on the go from Alleppey to Assam. Subrata Dutta�s international status made it possible for him to be awarded to direct International events for India.

Due to the reputation of this Jamshedpur Sports Giant, International Congresses have awarded India�s DADA with 24 INTERNATIONAL Championships.

Because of Powerlifting�s Dada his great international events brought many THOUSANDS athletes, coaches, spectators and tourists to India. Powerlifting�s DADA is truly India�s Jamshedpur GIANT!!
It is time for JAMSHEDPUR to turn out and to honor their son.

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