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Jubilee Park entry jam-packed with vehicles as gates remain close


Jamshedpur, Dec. 27: Its picnic and fun time for the residents of steel city but the last Sunday of 2015 saw chaotic sight at both the entry gates of Jubilee Park.

People from all over Jamshedpur and nearby locations congregated at the scenic landmark but for their disappointment both the gates were closed as order earlier issued by Jusco and district administration. People parked their vehicles on both the entry gates and had to carry their food and other items inside.

But the main sufferers were the people who had to travel from Sakchi and Mango to Circuit House, Northern Town and Sonari as they had to take other directions. The decision was taken earlier by administration and Jusco that there will be no vehicle movement inside the Jubilee Park on Sundays for convenience of visitors inside the park.

Rakesh Nagpal, a resident of Kadma who came to enjoy the day with his family said, ‘with temperature taking nose dive with every passing day, people wait for Sunday to come out and enjoy the time with their family in the winter sun but these rules have made people suffer as now we have to carry all the food and entertainment stuffs from outside the gate and it becomes tuff for elderly people’.

‘The new rule is very harsh on the residents of Sakchi as now we have to take Keenan Stadium road to go to Sonari’, said Mahesh Sharma, a resident of Aambagan area.

‘Regulation on entry of vehicle is good keeping in view the safety of children inside the park and youths who indulge in rash driving pose danger for elderly and children to play inside the park’, said D. Kondal Rao, resident of Bistupur.

The existing road which links Sakchi with Circuit House, Northern Town and Sonari witnesses nearly 20,000 vehicles commuting to and from inside the park daily.

Significantly, for the convenience of visitors free parking slots have been made near Tata Steel zoo and near Smriti Udyan from Monday to Saturday.

Moreover, both the entry/ exit gates of the park will closed by 9.00 pm (Monday to Saturday) and no vehicular/ public movement will be allowed 8.00 pm onwards inside the park.

Winter season arrives with many memories and holds a special place in the heart, especially in a city where the rest of the months are simmering under the blazing sun.

Jubilee Park is a public place where a large number of people, including tourists and picnickers visit on New Year.

Keeping the assembly of large number of visitors on the occasion of New Year, the district police authorities have decided to keep the park an incident-free by making special security arrangement.

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