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TEEP organises session on ‘Good Practices Sharing’ in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Feb 22: Tata Education Excellence Programme (TEEP) organised a session on ‘Good Practices Sharing’ for schools on February 18, 2022.

A total of 16 schools participated in the event. 12 schools shared their best practices including one school from Talcher, Odisha which shared its good practices virtually. The event was attended by 10 Principals and 25 teachers.

Avneesh Gupta, Vice President TQM and Engineering & Projects, Tata Steel, R N Murthy, Managing Director, Tinplate Company of India Limited and Ruchi Narendran, Managing Trustee, JUSCO Education Mission Foundation graced the occasion with their presence.

Two experts, Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi from XLRI and Mukesh Prasad, ex-alumni of XLRI and retired Officer from Tata Steel were also present in the programme. They appreciated the inquisitiveness and the culture of adopting best practices by schools.

After almost two years, considering the pandemic lockdown, the Principals, and teachers from various schools converged to share good practices on the topics of effective practices (academic, co-curricular, etc.) to engage all students in online classes, use of digital tools on collecting, acting, and providing feedback to or from teachers, students and parents and initiatives to handle mental well-being of students and teachers in the last year.

Schools shared the challenges faced by them during the COVID-19 pandemic and exchanged ideas and practices that they adopted during this period including the innovative use of IT to ensure continuity of education, engagement of students, and the mental well-being of teachers and students.

The next such session will be organised in March 2022.

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