Thursday, May 19, 2022

Team Republican Challenge collects 2200 Tricolors from roads, sewers

Jamshedpur, Feb. 2: Team Republican Challenge collected the national flags lying on the roads of the steel city after Republic Day celebrations and urged the citizens what they would like them to do with these flags.

Since Independence Day last year, the youth team has been making the citizens aware of the insults to the Tricolor and not to discard the flags at random after the celebrations. The team collected 2200 flags from roads, sewers and filthy areas of the city and paid respect to the Tricolor at Gandhi Ghat in Mango on Tuesday evening.

Earlier, on January 26 and 27, the team members asked the organizers to collect the national flags after the celebrations. While some of them took care to keep the flags safe, in some places the flags remained on the mast are were reportedly dishonored.

The team members said that itís the responsibility of every citizen to respect the countryís national flag. They added that this year, they found fewer flags compared to the previous years. Significantly, more than 2500 flags were collected from roads after Independence Day 2015 celebrations.

The team members comprise Vishwajeet, Anand, Afroz, Abhishek, Lalit, Chanakya, Ashwini, Rishi, Kanhaiya, Gufran, Chanakya, Angad, Prdeep, Gayatri, Neha, Puja, Varnita and others.

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