Thursday, April 22, 2021

Tata Steel wins Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0° Oriented Award

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Jamshedpur, April 3: Tata Steel has been recognised with the Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0° “Oriented Award” by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the Energy, Mining and Heavy Manufacturing category.

CAP 2.0° is a recognition and capability enhancement programme promoted by CII Centre for Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) for businesses to become climate resilient. Based on a CII climate-maturity model and using the principles of business excellence framework, CAP 2.0° helps businesses to assess climate change related risks and opportunities and integrate the mitigation actions into their long-term strategies. It is a benchmark programme recognising Industry’s climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives with the purpose of cascading learnings and encouraging quick scale up, thereby contributing to India’s climate goals.

Sanjiv Paul, Vice President (Safety, Health & Sustainability), Tata Steel, said: “We are grateful to be conferred this recognition from CII. Climate Change is a significant risk that humanity and the industry faces and it is imperative that we take actions today to mitigate its inevitable repercussions. We are committed towards climate action and have taken several initiatives over the years for reducing carbon emissions and have plans to significantly reduce our footprint in the long-term. As a responsible corporate citizen, it has always been our endeavour to promote sustainability as a business strategy through enhancing resource efficiency, adopting circular economy principles, taking climate action and caring for our communities and workforce.”


  1. Industrialization is essential to meet up upcoming demands of the evolution. All the industrial activity releases some amount of by-products as pollution into the environment. Iron and steel industry is one of the major heavy industries of Jamshedpur plant more than 100 years old town and considered as resource intensive and pollution prone and added pollution to air, water resources, precious land. The aim of the present review is to understand and get aware with the pollution, mainly (i) stack emission as air pollution, and (ii) heavy metal leaching from piled iron and steel slag, by steel plants in Jamshedpur toen. Every year cancer, bronchitis victims are increasing. You can not trace on notify bicycle with backed eyes. Layer of dust blanket in the open area you will find in Sanchi, Bistuur. Both river water fully poisoned by dumping garbages in river beds. No STP in service condition.
    Release of sewage and industrial chemicals in water bodies leads to growth of bacteria and fungi which are harmful for fish. No measures or schemes introduced for a better survival of area. No regular pollution data published in news papers.

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