Friday, June 2, 2023

Tata Steel security dog assaults six morning walkers


Jamshedpur, Oct. 25: Around six people were severely injured as a dog of Tata Steel Kennel bit them while they were enjoying the morning stroll in Jubilee Park area on Sunday.

Steel City residents on a daily basis come out for morning walk at Jubilee Park, which is the preferred destination to stretch the muscles.

On Sunday also hundreds of people were doing their daily routine work and passing by the Tata Steel Kennel when a dog jumped off the gate and attacked several morning walkers. Around half a dozen people were injured after the dog pounced upon them.

The canine bit various parts including arms, legs and abdomen of the victims. The panicked victims fell on the road and the dogs continuously attacked them.

The guard of the kennel came to the rescue and took the dog inside. Soon after the incident, morning walkers gathered at the venue and assaulted the guard. The victim was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he was admitted with multiple wounds.

Police was also informed about the matter and recorded the statements of the injured.

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