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Tata Motors bets big on Tipper Segment with renewed product strategy and best-in-class operating costs

Jamshedpur: India is now progressing towards a rated load regime, which means that more vehicles are required to carry similar loads. This along with pressure on freight costs will lead to the migration from low tonnage points to higher tonnage point vehicles. Tata Motors is all set with its range of fuel-efficient offerings with its 31Ton, 37Ton, 40Ton and 49Ton vehicles, thereby actively leading this movement to higher tonnage vehicles, so that the efficiencies can set in and road transportation remains competitive compared to other modes of cargo transportation.

With strong focus on market relevant products with lowest cost of operation, the company has done exceptionally well in the tipper segment with almost a 50 per cent market share. With its deep understanding of the Indian Commercial Vehicle (CV) market, Tata Motors efficiently caters to the requirements of every customer in the segment.

Tata Motors� complete range of M&HCVs offer the best-in-class KMPL and operating economics and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Some of the key USPs of these products include better fuel efficiency; 5-10% higher than comparable tippers available in the market, lowest cost of ownership and maintenance, largest service network of over 1600 touch points, a warranty of four years/4000 hours (Prima 5000 hours) and Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for tippers which gives long term reliability and better results.

In addition to this, the company has been a pioneer for introducing the Tata FleetMan Telematics in 2012, which offers, advanced telematics solutions thereby helping customers track and control vehicles anywhere in the country. Tata FleetMan includes features like real-time fleet tracking, SMS and email alerts, Geo-fencing and remote unit management all designed to address pressing need of fleet owners. Today, close to 60,000 vehicles have been deployed with this system across India and abroad. Tata Motors is the first OEM in India to launch this as a standard fitment in entire range of PRIMA vehicles along with 3 years complimentary service.

The company has consistently added value for their commercial vehicle customers through safety, enhancements in productivity, and economy of their operations. The Prima range world class cabin offers high driving comfort with features such as electronic instrument cluster, AC, luxurious cabin interiors with power windows, telescopic and tilt adjustable steering column, low NVH levels, etc. All these features ensure high driving comfort and safety in these vehicles. Some of the other technological features relate to the 3-axle and 4-axle configurations, which are useful in specific applications like construction, mining, and infrastructure development. Their high performance is a result of specially designed mining tyres and stronger, more robust chassis frame and suspension.

While providing the best-in-class products, Tata Motors also has a strong focus on customer service, the company has stayed a step ahead and launched several programs that are tailor-made for specific needs. Toward this, it is the first CV manufacturer in India, to introduce Customer Loyalty Programs such as Tata Delight/Tata Emperor offering loyalty benefits to its M&HCV customers. Services such as Sampoorna Seva (annual maintenance contracts), Prolife (reconditioned aggregates), Tata Alert (roadside assistance), and Tata Fleet Man have been recognized as benchmarks in the M&HCV trucks industry.

Tata Motors has an extensive network across the country with more than 1000 Workshops, and over 7700 retailers ensure effective service and availability of spare parts in every pocket. Through our customised24x7 Onsite Service Support, company trained experts are based at site. At the same time, spare parts and lubes are deployed at site to ensure that daily preventive and corrective maintenance activities are carried out more effectively and efficiently.

Tata Motors constantly works on its offerings with the launch of newer, refreshed versions of its products and services to cater to various industries and continues its leadership in the construction and mining vehicles industry.

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