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Tata Main Hospital spreads the message on World Diabetes Day

Jamshedpur, Nov. 18: Tata Main Hospital observed the concluding ceremony of World Diabetes Day on Friday. The day is observed worldwide on November 14 each year as it marks the birth anniversary of Sir Frederic Banting who, along with, Dr Charles Best discovered Insulin in 1922.

Present to honour the occasion was Ruchi Narendran, social activist and wife of Tata Steel MD TV Narendran. The session also included a brief deliberation on diabetes by two patients who have been battling this issue for some time now.

Addressing the gathering, Narendran said ‘Diabetes is a silent killer, but if managed patiently, people can still lead an active life. The doctors have informed us about this and that’s very inspiring. I appreciate the research the doctors have done with the patients prior to this event. It is an eye opener, and I urge all present here to be proactive in curbing diabetes’

The theme selected for this year’s activities around diabetes was ‘Eyes on Diabetes’. It is estimated that over one-third of diabetic patients will develop some form of an eye damage that can lead to blindness. Therefore, this year, TMH will focus on promoting the importance of screening in order to ensure early diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and its treatment to reduce the risk of complications.

A retinal screening camp was held over a period of one month starting beginning October 1 last wherein approximately 70 patients with histories of diabetes of more than eight years span were screened for the presence of eye diseases. It was found that 10 per cent of patients had some form of eye problems. These patients were then counselled and would be kept on regular follow up at the eye OPD of TMH.

World Diabetes Day is observed in order to spread awareness about diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is an epidemic. Globally as many as 193 million people have diabetes and a large number of them are left unaware due to lack of proper information.

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that by 2035, there will be 592 million people with diabetes in the world. In India it is expected to rise from 41 million to 70 million by 2025. Hence, there is an urgent need to spread the awareness about diabetes and its complications.

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