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Sun plays hide and seek as Met department predicts cold wave in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec. 7: Bright weather returned in some parts of the state even as the Sun continued to play hide and seek after three days.

According to the local Meteorological department the Celsius, which is below normal, would witness more dips in the days to come. Meanwhile, the city wore a virtually deserted look in the evening with most people preferring to stay indoors.

 The officials said that similar conditions will continue to prevail in the city in the coming days. The poor people on the streets have been the worst hit by the cold . Footpath dwellers and the poor were seen clustering around bonfires lit from dry woods, using tyres and even garbage to beat the cold.  

Weatherman forecast that there will be no respite from the cold in the coming days. Significantly, both minimum and maximum temperatures were below normal all over the State.

 The Alipore office said: “Analysis indicates formation of a low-pressure trough over south-west Bay of Bengal. If it advances towards the north-westerly side, it will also impact the day readings in Jharkhand,” the duty officer said.

The low-pressure trough can help in formation of clouds and bring down maximum temperatures. The chill being felt at night will then also be felt during the day.

Due to the impact of the twin weather system-an upper air cyclonic circulation due to a western disturbance passing through higher latitudes and another cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal, Daltonganj and its adjoining districts like Garhwa and Latehar experienced unseasonal showers, said Met officials..

Weathermen at the Ranchi Meteorological Centre this afternoon issued a warning of dense morning fog at a few isolated pockets of the state  in the next three days. ” The fog will reduce the surface visibility to as low as 200 meters.  Apart from visibility the minimum readings would also plummet by  2-3 degree Celsius,” said an official of the Ranchi Meteorological Centre.

The senior Met official said that the flow of North wind which had stopped due to the twin adverse climate systems have begun. ” The north-westerly wind would continue to dominate over the state after the next 24-hours,” he said, adding that would result in chilly weather conditions.

The Met official said that depending on the intensity of the north-westerly wind, the minimum readings might take a further plunge resulting in a cold wave condition in which night temperature is expected to take a dip five notches below the average normal.   

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