Saturday, June 10, 2023

State Congress terms Modi government as year of hype and hoopla


Jamshedpur : State Congress Party has said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA Government’s performance audit by the people of the country of the last one year points towards personal projection, hype and hoopla, but nothing on the ground.

“This government is very high on promises and very low on achievements, very high on rhetoric, but very low on converting rhetoric into reality. That is why the audit by the country is pointing out falsehood, overstatement, hype, hoopla, optics and personal projection, but nothing really on the ground,” Congress leader and State Secretary SRA Rizwi Chbban at a press meet at Tilak Pustakalya.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits, Chabban his greatest achievement has been to create situations where Indians mistrust Indians. PM Modi’s greatest achievement has been to create situations where Indians mistrust Indians,” he said. �A lot of hype and no work that is how this government works,� said Congress.

Congress leader also attacked the Prime Minister over his foreign visits saying he was only busy polishing his global image.

The opposition party accused Modi government of playing with national security, saying “reducing defence expenditure, frequent ceasefire violations, Pakistani and Chinese infiltration into Indian territory and no decision over one-rank one-pension scheme show its lack of concern”.

“The performance of Modi government has been zero in last one year. But Modi was glorifying his regime performance boastfully. He is a good marketing guru who has perfected the art of selling products with zero performance,” Chabban said.

He said that Modi has just done repackaging of previous UPA government’s schemes and running them by projecting as if they had been charted out by the NDA government.

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