Monday, January 30, 2023

Special campaign to enroll name in voter list in Jamshedpur 

Jamshedpur, Dec 1: Following guidelines of Jharkhand State Election Commission, inclusive week is being celebrated from 30th November to December 6 under Voter List Special Brief Revision Program-2023 in East Singhbhum district.

Under this campaign, district residents, trangender, sex workers, elderly above 80 years, disabled, all eligible citizens living in shelter homes living in PBTGS and remote inaccessible areas, whose names have not been registered in the voter list, will be included in this special campaign.

Deputy Commissioner has urged youths who have completed 17 years and all the voters in the age group of 17 years, whose names have not yet been registered in the voter list, to register their names in the voter list by showing their participation in this special campaign.

For the success of this campaign, the administration expected cooperation from all sections of the society, intelligentsia and civil society of the district.

The deputy commissioner appealed to accept this campaign as a challenge and give our significant participation in getting 100% voters’ names registered and Aadhaar linked with voter cards so that not a single eligible voter is deprived of his right to vote.

The deputy commissioner said that only the last four digits of Aadhaar are visible in voter card, and Aadhaar number remains safe and it does not get misused. Linking Aadhaar with Voter ID is absolutely safe.

Appeal has been made to all the residents of the district to give their Aadhaar number to the nearest booth level officer to link it with the Voter ID. The Deputy Commissioner has also instructed all the office heads to link their subordinate officers and employees whose voter cards have not been linked with Aadhaar numbers under this campaign.

Along with this, an appeal has been made to everyone’s family members to link Aadhaar with the voter card. Appealing to all the aware voters, deputy commissioner said that anyone in your family in the age group of 17 to 19 years, fill Form 6 and enter their name in the Voter ID, if someone in the family has died, fill Form 7. Remove from Voter ID. Form 6 for NRI Voter. Name can be added from. For any kind of amendment, you can apply from Form 8.

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