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Singhbhum Chamber raises security check issue with Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia


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Jamshedpur, March 19: Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has raised the issue of repeated security checks at airports in a letter to the Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.

SCCI president Vijay Anand Moonka, who jointly wrote the letter with honorary secretary of SCCI, Manav Kedia, said, “Passengers are being subjected to double security check at airports during check-in. While we appreciate the steps being taken by the Central government leading to an increase in the number of passengers, we would like to draw the kind attention of the Union Minister for Civil Aviation to the harassment being caused to passengers consequently.”

Moonka said a passenger has to go for a second round of security check while taking a connecting flight. “The repeat security check serves to add woes to the passengers who are already stressed out during travel. The passengers already go for checking before taking the first flight,” he said. “If a person is going to Jaipur from Ranchi, he is checked at ranchi as well as at Delhi Airport. The passengers are not allowed to go out of the airport. Still they are frisked twice. This is not justified. How would such a passenger carry some illegal object on board despite such restrictions? All this is just a waste of time and a harassing procedure,” said Moonka.

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