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Solo Cyclist Asha Malviya reaches Jamshedpur, spreads message of women’s empowerment


Jamshedpur, March 19: Famous athlete and mountaineer, Asha Malviya, who is pedalling across India reached Jamshedpur to spread the word about the safety and empowerment of women around the world.

A 24-year-old national-level athlete and a mountaineer from Madhya Pradesh is on a mission to prove that women are safe in India to the rest of the world. 

Asha, a resident of Nataram village in the Rajgarh district, has come a long way ever since she dreamed of doing wonders with her life. 

She had covered 11 States 10500 KM done and Jharkhand is her 12th State.

She plans to travel across India to spread the word about the safety and empowerment of women around the world.

“It is sad that people in many foreign countries believe that women are unsafe in India. I would like to send out a strong message of women’s empowerment to the world, and that India is a safe place for women, through this expedition,” she said.

The tourism department of Madhya Pradesh has supported me by providing me with a bicycle, a GPS, and a letter for this trip,” Asha said.”I started my journey from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh on November 1. So far, I have covered  Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala, and also met the Chief Ministers of Goa and Maharashtra. The response and experience I got from all the places till now are overwhelming,” she said.

As a mountaineer, Malviya has climbed several peaks. She hoisted the Indian Flag at high peaks, including Bisi Rai, at 20,500 feet, on the Nepal-Bhutan-Bangladesh border, and Tenzing Khan at 19,545 feet. 

She is listed in the National Book of Records and OMG Book of Records. She faced several challenges in her life after losing her father when she was just three years old.”My mother raised me by working as a daily wage worker. She has been an inspiration and wanted me to do something different and reach a higher level. I have a master’s degree in Physical Education. Despite facing many financial and family problems, my mother has been supportive throughout my journey. Ever since my childhood, I have had a keen interest in sports and mountain climbing,” she said.

Meanwhile, Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur Zest got an opportunity to felicitate  Asha Malviya from (MP) Rajghar Dist Village Nataram, a solo cyclist.

She is  a National Player & Mountaineer (Book of Record Holder ). Doing All India Cycling of 25K in 28 States With the theme of “Women Safety n Women Empowerment”

She reached Jamshedpur yesterday late night and after receiving information from IIW Media Manager Prabha Raghunandan the team reached Circuit House Pari sadan where  President Nisha Gadia with her members felicitated her with jharkhand art momento and some cash for her onward journey. We are very impressed with her courage ,confidence and zeal to take up such a solo journey cycling through the country with very basic ammenities with her.  She symbolizes women empowerment in true sense and an inspiration to many. 

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