Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce’s cycle rally in Jamshedpur today, entrepreneurs to pedal for fitness


Jamshedpur, March 20: With growing passion about fitness in the Steel City, cycling has brought together the young and old to pedal long and wide across the city. Taking a step towards promoting fitness among the industrialists and entrepreneurs, the Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry has decided to promote cycling in the city among its members. As a first step, the apex body of business community in Kolhan is organsing a cycling rally on Sunday ( March 21). The rally will be flagged off from Sir Dorabji Park near Keenan Stadium. The rally will cover 20 KM area.

Manav Kedia, vice president, Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the event is not a competition but the idea is to promote fitness among the members. All industrialists, entrepreneurs have been invited to participate in the event. In the end, the participants will receive certificates of participation.        

“The idea is to make people continue with cycling, together to have a united feeling. It’s a platform where one can showcase there bubbling spirit to cycle which was left back in this lockdown,” said another official of the chamber. He said they would encourage its members to take on cycling.

“Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their individual carbon footprint, and there are lots of ways to do so. Switching to public transportation, carpooling or cycling/biking can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our way to and from work,” said Bharat Vasani, a senior official of chamber. He went on to add that if members will implement this in their own life only then they will we be able to motivate others to do the same.

Several traders have taken this initiative to come to office by walking which not only will reduce the carbon footprint and enhance the green economy of Jamshedpur but they hope that their this endeavour will also motivate others to do so.

The Chamber of Commerce is now trying to encourage everyone to think about their lifestyle decision and find opportunities to reduce the climate impact.

Kaushal Singh, a fitness freak said with growing passionate about fitness in the Steel City, cycling has brought together the young and old to pedal long and wide across the city. Children and grown-ups pedalling through tree-lined streets of Jamshedpur are a common sight these days.

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