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35-year-old woman drug peddler arrested in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, March 20: In a breakthrough, the police arrested a 35-year-old woman by raiding a house at Adityapur Muslim Bustee and identified as Salma Khatoon, the woman was arrested for possessing 52 packets of the brown sugar and cash.

Revealing about the breakthrough, Seraikela-Kharsawan superintendent of police, Mohammed Arshi said they had information that a middle-aged woman was indulged in drug-peddling in Adityapur Muslim Bustee.

” Acting on a tip off we nabbed the lady drug-peddler. A police team was set up for unearthing the drugs from Adityapur area, raided the house early in the morning and succeeded to nail the lady, ” said Arshi while talking to newsmen here at the Adityapur.

 The SP said that Salma was the second lady drug-peddler to be arrested after the arrest of the notorious Dolly Begum from the Adityapur Muslim Bustee about six months ago.

“After the arrest of Dolly, we had thought that racket of the brown sugar business will end in Adityapur. But surprisingly, the more and more drug-peddlers emerged from the same slum, leading the police to arrest about half-a-dozen drug-peddlers during this period. We have, however, decided to free Adityapur from the sale of brown sugar, ” said the senior police officer.

The situation at Adityapur Muslim Bustee is turning volatile against sale of brown sugar there under Adityapur police station area in the adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district. Gun battle has started over sale of brown sugar at Adityapur Muslim Bustee after the arrest of drug kingpin Dolly Perveen.

According to sources in the police, a section of the Adityapur Muslim Bustee residents was opposed to the sale of narcotic drugs at the slum.

The situation has become serious after the arrest of Dolly.  She was arrested on July 19, her husband Qadim Khan started to run the business by involving Saddam and Aurengzeb.  After the resumption of the brown sugar sale at the slum once again, Ramzan who was opposed to this illegal business, had decided to install CCTV cameras at some strategic points at the Adityapur Muslim Bustee and also at home.

Sabir Hussain said his brother-in-law Qadim had first tried to convince Ramzan not to install the CCTV camera having come to their house at the Adityapur Muslim Bustee.

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